Winter Hydration Must Haves


Ok, let’s talk hydration. More importantly, injecting hydration right into our skin. Because right now your face needs more hydration than ever (that is if you’re living in Aus or anywhere wintery atm).

In fact, I bet your face has been leaving you hidden love notes around your place saying things like, “moisturise me now!” and “I’m thirsty AF!”

I know mine has.

I actually woke up the other day and my face had written me a 500-word long letter detailing its hydration needs and how they’re not being adequately met. It was quite the wakeup call. Which is why I’ve had to get my face and body onto the ultimate hydration – stat.

Plus, nothing is worse than feeling dry and scaly like a lizard lady, right? Anyway, some of my must have winter hydration products are below. They are crazy good! Snap them up.

Aspect Hydrating Serum – $129.00

This is like the goldmine of hyaluronic acid serums. The Queen B. And you’re very likely to never buy another hydrating serum again – because this one will be it! Made for dry and stressed skin it is a hyaluronic acid booster serum that instantly replenishes the skin’s moisture levels while added antioxidants protect against free radicals ad fight against the visible signs of ageing (making it perfect for winter!) I also find this serum to be a good one for layering in the PM. Your face will never be thirsty again with this babe around.


PCA Skin Collagen Hydrator – $55.00

So I recently turned 30 and had one of those ‘OMG I need to up my anti-grandma skincare regime,’ mild freak outs and this product has been my saving grace. It’s a rich, creamy emollient moisturiser that contains a blend of humectants and shea butter for super, soft, plump skin. And even though it’s made for dry skin, if your skin errs on the normal side too then this will be your jam. It’s just a super hydrating moisturiser for every day. Seeps right in, works well at night, works well in the AM under makeup – and comes with added antioxidant benefits to boot!


DNA Renewal Lip Balm – $19.90

Don’t we all need a gazillion more applications of lip balm during the cooler months? This is a newbie by DNA Renewal and it’s way more than just a lip balm. While, yes, sure it’s hydrating, moisturising and will help repair your lips when it’s cold but it also comes jam packed with DNA repair enzymes, delivered through lisosomes which are designed to help reduce sun damage and the general toll that nature delivers us around this time of year. Def. not one to lose though!


Go To Skincare Exceptionoil – $51.00

So this is a killer do it all body oil/balm you’ve all very much likely tried. Made with 10 potent skin loving oils it’s like coconut oil on crack. For the price though, I find it can run out pretty quick which is why I always use sparingly. At the moment this will be my go-to for my growing pregnancy belly and pregnancy boobs. I’m envisioning it will last me through the second trimester. However, come the third I’ll need at least triple the amount of these. Savour the goodness and instead of using it all over your bod, use it on dry/cracked skin, flyaway hair and even your cuticles. That way you can keep the happiness going for longer!


Keune Vital Nutrition Hair Mask – $33.95

So after a long a$$ four-month hiatus from colouring my hair (thank you first trimester!) I have recently gone all out crazy and have dyed my locks lighter again. Which basically means that even though my hair was starting to look remotely healthy again I’ve gone all out and damaged the shiz out of it again. Lucky though, this hydration mask is making it all brand new again; and you only need to use it once or twice a week! My hair is thick AF so I’m super anal about finding hair treatments that work – but this one is gold! Espesh for thick hair. Plus the packaging is quite big so it’ll last you for yonks. It’s been the first product from the range I’ve tried and am super excited to get my paws on more.


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Tell me babez, do you have winter hydration secrets? Share plz!

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