Why Dry Body Brushing Is The Shiz When You’re Pregnant

dry body brushing

So I’m currently in my third trimester and starting to feel OTT exhausted on the daily. Kind of like I’ve run a marathon… except I’ve just moved from the bed to the couch.

I’m also looking after a tiny, very demanding toddler full time, who loves to destroy the house FOR FUN and LOLz…(which I’m not sure is helping my overly exhausted 80 year old ways. Hmmm… HOWEVER, he is super cute and funny so I’ll let him stay.)

Anyway, all of this has nothing to do with what I want to chat about today, which is dry body brushing. But I guess it kind of does, because dry body brushing is the shiz (especially when you’re pregnant) and it has been helping me feel like I’m a hip and young 65 year old, instead of a decaying 80 year old so I highly recommend.

Plus I’m also obsessed with lymph massage and anything that remotely has anything to do with the lymph system, which yes, I know is a weird thing to be obsessed with but watevs. The poor ol’ lymph system always seems to fly under the radar, SO somebody needs to cheer it on.

ME! (And also maybe you?)


Moving on now…let’s get back to talking all things dry body brushing. Which in case you’ve never heard of, is legit just brushing your skin when it’s dry. Simples. It’s also super easy, gives you a heap of energy and kind of makes you feel like you’re high. (OK, so maybe not super high but just a little more awake than you were before.)

Additionally, dry body brushing stimulates the lymph system (love you), which is responsible for helping to get rid of excess fluid, cell waste and bacteria (which nobody wants). But there are so many more benefits to it than that!


  • It removes gross, dead, old skin (bcoz aint’ nobody got time for dat!)
  • Improves circulation (which is great for pregnant ladies who get mega cramps like moi!)
  • It can get rid of cellulite…but don’t hold your breath…it’s not going to magically disappear but it may help prevent it
  • It exfoliates; and
  • Rejuvenates the nervous system


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dry body brushing

I also think that being pregnant as helped me get into dry body brushing a little more recently as I’m now constantly on the quest for non-caffeine ways to pep me up and products to stop me feeling like crap. Which, I think when you’re not pregnant, you don’t really look for that much? Or maybe you do? I’m not sure.

HOWEVER when you’re in your third trimester and need SOMETHING…ANYTHING to make you feel a little less sh!t you will search high and low for these things. Which is basically how I’ve fallen in love with dry body brushing all over again. But this time it’s a deeper, harder love because it makes me feel so good.

Anyway, SO how do you do it? Well, this is how I do it…

FIRST: I start on dry skin before any shower and work the dry brush in gentle, circular upward motions from the ankles towards the heart. If my baby is about to wake up I’m super quick and careless, but when I have an extra few minutes I do it using way longer and smoother strokes. (Which is way better… and the correct way to do it.) Also you have to work towards the heart because the lymphatic system flows through the body in that direction.

After the ankles I just continuously move upwards. So I do my lower legs, thighs, preggo belly! (YES, It’s the best. Be super gentle), preggo boobs (again, be gentle!), arms, shoulders and um, I think that’s it. I obviously don’t do my back because I’m not super flexy woman.

(Although I wish I was).

Anyway, then I just have a shower and wash away whatever dead skin grossness has floated to the surface (which you can’t see, but I just imagine is there) and then I high five myself for giving myself a few minutes to love the shiz out of my lymph system. Which I’m obsessed with – remember?

Plus, when the lymphs are working well it helps us feel strong, healthy and energized. Also the skin is one of the most important elimination organs in the body so it’s important to keep it happy.

Which is why I kind of feel like dry body brushing makes me feel like I’m high…or maybe it just makes me feel like I’m not as pregnant as I actually am?

ACTUALLY, Who knows what I’m feeling RN? I have so many emotions running through my body at the one time I can’t keep up.

Anyway, dry body brushing! Just DOOOO IT. It’s the shiz. Especially when you’re preggo.

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Tell me babez, do you make time to dry body brush? Have you? Would you?

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