Third Trimester Bronzing Products To Make Your Belly POP (Metaphorically Not Physically)


‘Subtle and sheer, bronzey goddess, sunkissed glow…’ yadadayada. They’re all words associated with advertising for tanning products right? And normally, I’d be totally down for anything ‘subtle, sheer and sunkissed.’ However, since I am a few weeks away from giving birth and honestly, everything hurts/I feel like I’m dying every single day, I need more than a little ‘subtle glow’ from my tanning products. I want my glow to POP – like I’ve just returned from Jamaica (and physically I want my belly to POP too.)

You see, the third trimester is tough. And although not every lady would be down for getting their tan on… I swear fauxing a glow will leave your swollen, beer belly looking like body feeling so fresh and kind of even looking semi-toned too.

Yes, a tan can totally do that! It also has the ability to up your motivation to see through the end of your pregnancy (because LOL, like there’s a choice.) It’s also way better than going into the sun and looking like one of those scary, super tanned wrinkly people on the beach.

(Hence why the moral of this story is to say: YAY to faking tans. Nay to looking old.)

Anyway, if you have the time obviously spray tans in the last few weeks would be great for pregnancy as well. BUT if you’re like me and have a) no time to yourself or b) a toddler to look after (see a) then you gotta do things yourself. And it really isn’t that hard.

Because even though the whole tanning yourself might seem a little tricky at first (you know, having to glide into not so graceful contortionist type positions around your belly to faux your glow/somehow keep an eye on your toddler too) like most of the good things in life: it’s worth it.

Just make sure you shower/shave/exfoliate/dry brush beforehand, wear loose clothing while your tan is developing, ditto don’t put on perfume, lotions, oils ANYTHING while your tan is developing either, oooh and avoid anything exfoliating/scrubby brushy afterwards and you’ll be set.

They’re basically all my tips.  I am not overly precious about things. Plus I like my beauty stuff to be super quick and easy because: time.

I’m all about that ‘wham, bam thank you mam’ type of thing.

SO whether you’re in your third trimester and wanting to make your swollen, beer belly looking belly POP or you just want to give your (non pregnant) body a super fun glow (I have no words for the jelly I feel) THEN I’ve popped up quick reviews of a bunch of super quick/easy, bronzing/tanning products I love below.

Benefit Hoola Zero Tan Lines – $52.00

Ok, so this baby is a body bronzer that only lasts for 12 hours but it’s the best when you’re living on the dying end of a tan/don’t have time or the patience to apply a fake one and marinate for a few hours. The top unscrews and comes with an in built sponge too, making it perfect to rub on evenly (although if you do it in the sunlight with your hands i find it’s pretty fail safe). Sure Benefit are known for their brow products, but seriously their tanning products are to die! Plus, they’re really dark so you won’t be left disappointed. Non-sticky and easy to touch up any mistakes.



Eco Tan Cacao Firming Mousse – $34.95 (available at Beautiful Because)

If you want an on-par tanning product that is green, clean and vegan then this is it! Also perfect for pregnancy when you might be worried about all the chemicals inside other products you might be putting on your skin. (However, I have used non-green tanning products during pregnancy and still feel fine and dandy.) Anyway, it’s a lightweight mousse, best applied with a bronzing mitt for a streak free finish and all you do is pop it on and leave it on for anywhere between 1-8 hours, depending on the depth of dark you want to go. I am obsessed with the St Tropez Self Tan Express Mousse which you apply very similarly to this one and think this product is just as good. Not so sure about the ‘firming’ tag line it’s sold with HA but remember, when you’re tanned everything looks firmer anyway.


Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Shimmering Oil Spray – $75.00 

So this is a newbie by Estee Lauder and it’s basically a soft shimmering bronzey, body oil which I love to apply on top of my bod following a faux glow – preferably when I’m heading out/showing skin. I find it enhances your tan and gives your skin that extra POP I was talking about at the beginning. Whilst also being super hydrating and making you smell like a coconutty-vanilla version of summer. Actually, if you’re not pregnant and have the energy to do things at night this will totally be your ride or die for the ultimate summer skin this season.


La Mav Self Tan Dry Body Oil – $44.95 (available at Beautiful Because)

I think this product would be best for peeps who want their tan to look au natural! I was so excited to try this because I am a head over heels La Mav groupie although, found it a little hard to apply. It’s described as an oil, although I found the consistency to be more water like so it was a little hard to spread. Plus, because I couldn’t use a tanning mitt, and really only used my hands I wasn’t sure how even the application was. The packet says you apply it and leave it on for four hours, or re-apply after one hour for a deeper tan, although as I was running around after a toddler I basically just kept it on my skin all day (maybe eight hours) and just watched it develop. When i washed it off I was left with a super natural looking tan, which was fab! But if you’re after something a little stronger and natural then I’d go for the Eco Tan above.


Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick – $49.00 

Ps. We can’t forget the face! Because the face needs some bronzing love too. So apart from jumping up and down and telling you Benefit’s Hoola Bronzing Powder – $51.00 is the greatest of all time (because it is and I’ve done that countless times before) I thought I’d chat about their Hoola Quickie Contour Stick which is just as good, perhaps a little bit lighter (so can be used on fairer skin tones as well). Plus it can be layered with the Hoola Bronzing Powder for maximum glow; and it’s a cream to powder finish so perfect for oily faces in the summer time (or during preggo time).



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Tell me babez, what bronzing products do you love?


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