Things I’m Psycho About: SLEEP


I still remember the first time I slept through the night post baby. It was after about one year and when it finally started happening, my husband asked me ‘how do you feel now that you’re actually sleeping again?’ (naturally I had the boobs, so he always slept…from like the second night with a baby home* insert jealous/angry emoji face*) and I said ‘I still feel tired AF… all the time.’

So the moral of this story is that I didn’t really notice much of a difference to my tiredness once my baby started sleeping through the night…but I’m still psycho about going to bed early and getting sleep. HA. Mostly because it’s one of the best things you can do for your wellbeing and without it I feel like an angry geriatric (and you really don’t want to be anywhere near me.) However, since I tend to feel tired a lot now that I’m a mum, normally I just drink coffee and get over it.

Anyway, back to my sleep psycho-ness. Which I love to employ on a nightly basis to wind down after my babe goes to sleep. (Seriously those hours after my babe goes to sleep and I go to sleep are like my happy hour. So good.)

Plus, I’m obsessed with sleep these days. I need my eight hours to be able to get stuff done. Also; I still sometimes wake up between 4 and 5 AM because that’s when I used to wake up while I was breastfeeding (fun times) so I go to bed early and sometimes even factor that insomniac time in. Which basically means I’m in bed by 930 every night without fail.

Soooo do you want to join me at Bingo this weekend? LOL

BUT before Bingo, I wanted to quickly chat about a few sleep saviours, unwind tools I use on a nightly basis. A few are new, a few not so new, but I just roll with however I’m feeling and use whatever when I feel like I need a little extra help. Also; they are all natural, good for you and drug free.


The Beauty Chef Sleep Powder – $49.95 ok, so I was sent this potion and it arrived on the morning of a super shiz night’s sleep. I’ve been seeing it all over Instagram anyway, so had been dying to try it. Warning though: it’s not for the faint hearted. And what I mean by that is that the flavour is quite strong without sweetness. However, I do have a sweet tooth, so maybe it’s not that bad? Anyway, you only mix one teaspoon into either a full cup of milk or half water/half milk and drink one hour before going to bed. I’d go for a full cup of milk for sure though, I can’t imagine water to taste that great. Anyway, it’s taste is very spicy as in turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon type of spicy (not chilli) so if you’ve ever had one of those drinks it’s very similar. I’ve been sleeping through the night when I drink this though, it’s bomb! I think it also helps to have warm milk before bed – only downside is that I can’t always take this if I have a mega dinner because I find it too filling.

Magnesium – Yep, just plain old magnesium. I started taking magnesium when I was pregnant and couldn’t sleep. Also; I used to always get cramps in the middle of the night in the third trimester. And these weren’t just ‘hey i’m just a small cramp how you doin?’ type of cramps they were ‘me screaming unable to move/my husband thought I was going into labour,’ type of cramps – super sexy. Anyway, two tablets right before bed helps your body relax and I tend to do this every night. Sometimes I’ll go on week long breaks just to give my body a little time off, but I notice the difference. Pretty sure I’m addicted.

Speaking of magnesium I sometimes also drink Natural Vitality Calm Tea – $33.00 (I just buy it off Iherb) which I like to call my Xanax tea because it zonks me out. It’s just magnesium though, with a little flavour. I’ve always had anxiety, but now that I’m a mum some days it’s next level. This tea helps me unwind and chill. Like a Xanax – but totally good for you. HA. You are meant to drink small amounts throughout the day when you have anxiety but since I only really use it at night I just double the dose and drink it before bed. Best zonking tool ever.

Sleep mask – You know those black sleep masks for your eyes. I wear one. It’s actually so ugly and I have no idea where it came from. Maybe a plane? But my husband is always on his kindle or his phone in bed and it’s the most annoying thing ever. The blue lights are the worst and interrupt your sleep. I ban my phone from my room. I hate it. I also ban my laptop (unless I’m on deadline and I haven’t got my shiz together…or it’s too cold in the morning to get out of bed and work). A sleep mask has quadrupled my ability to sleep well. And it has also quadrupled my ability to look like the ultimate freako but IDGAF – because I’m psycho about my sleep. HA.

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Tell me babez, what do you do to help you sleep?


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