The Three Skinny Tan Products I Actually Use

Skinny Tan

So I was recently sent almost the entire range of Skinny Tan products to try and below are my top three. But first, let’s chat a little about the brand. You see Skinny Tan is the only tanning product on the market that contains Guarana a caffeine derivative and one that has been clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

(Hence the name Skinny Tan.)

Anyway, essentially this is a brand that is considered ‘natural’ when it comes to tanning. Why? WELL, this is because most ordinary tanners work with a chemical form of DHA. Which can smell pretty bad and often dry out or damage the skin. However, Skinny Tan uses a natural tanning active from the seeds of the Brassica Napus Plant which makes it a bio-organic form of DHA and works naturally with the amino acids in the skin to darken it – and yes, give you a faux (but natural) looking tan too.

It’s gentle, less drying, it doesn’t smell and also helps with the whole ‘fading’ aspect of your tan. (Basically, it’s very gradual so you don’t go from WOAH to NO – HA.)

Anyway, let’s get back to the products. You see they have like a gazillion. Overnight tanners, instant tanners, gradual tanners, medium, dark etc… the list goes on. However the three products I have been using and am still using are the ones below. Because with two kids I just don’t have a lot of time.

Like none, really, so I like instant products that work – and quickly. I also don’t like products that stain my sheets.

To be honest with you guys though, I haven’t really had a chance to properly trial the entire range. It would take me weeks and weeks to apply one colour, wait a whole week then apply another one etc… which is why I’ve resorted to the quick ones. They work with a busy mama’s/gals life – no mess, no fuss etc…you know, the ones I’d actually use.

The colour of the tan is pretty nice too. Green based which always works. Please note I have a yellow, medium skin tone and don’t really need too much work in the tanning department but I feel like the tan works and 1-2 applications are sufficient so you don’t go OTT.  Also the price points are reasonable. SO these prodz might not be as good as say, St Tropez, but they’re half the price sooooo they’ll work better on your wallet.

Pre-Tan Primer – $12.95

I actually love this product because I can leave it in my shower and use it as a normal exfoliator. Plus, when I do this, it comes in super handy to prep your skin for a tan too – which is what it’s made for. I use this every day two-three days prior to a self-tan with their Exfoliating Mitt – $10.00 (but you can really use any exfoliating mitt) and it leaves skin smooth, takes off all your old tan and preps your body sufficiently to tan another day!

Skinny Tan

Tan and Tone Oil – $29.95

This product was designed for super busy people and I love it! I’ve tried self tanning oils before and the consistency has been pretty ‘meh’. However, this oil is super easy to apply – and quick! All you have to do is spritz it on a self-tanning mitt (although I’ve used my hands before and its been fine as long as you wash them after) then blend it into your skin. It feels exactly like a body oil so it’s super hard to make mistakes (unless you’re careless). Tan will develop gradually during the day (6-8 hours) then you just shower at night. You’ll be able to see it properly the morning after. I think one application is sufficient – although if you want to go darker you can re-apply the next day (and just as quickly!)


Skinny Tan

Gradual Tanner – $19.95

This is probably one of the darkest gradual tanners I’ve ever used. And by that I meant it just makes you darker quick. When I don’t have time to tan I just prep my skin for a few days then slather this on my body like a moisturising cream in the morning (for two days) and my skin has a glow that is lighter than a faux tan, but not as washed out and ‘meh’ as my normal skin. It’s like a good in-betweener. Also perfection for a quick glow when you don’t have time!

Skinny Tan

*Products in this post were provided for editorial consideration. As always all views and opinions expressed are my own.

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Tell me babez, what’s your favourite tanning product?

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