The New Face Halo Makeup Remover (Is Kinda Like An Ab Roller For Your Face)

Face Halo

Now before I begin I need to digress that cleansing is as much a part of my day as breathing. Like sure I can do without it for like 30 seconds but not making time to take off my makeup just doesn’t roll with me and I’m not trying to be dramatic here… but I’d die without it.


Anyway, SURE I fully get the end of day feels re. taking off my makeup too. Like, “can I really be F’d tonight? THE EFFORT! Can somebody come wipe my face for me while I lay here on the couch etc…” However the truth is that even if I was in the middle of a minefield with my leg was blown off, I’d probably crawl as quick as I could towards my cleansers to ensure my skin was clean and prepped for whatever lay ahead of me…and my one leg blown off in the middle of a minefield? HA.

Anyway, you feel me.

You need to cleanse. And if you wear sunscreen every day you need to double cleanse. Always. It’s not really an option. And since we should all be wearing sunscreen every day this really means that we should all be double cleansing every day to properly remove it.

(It’s the rules of life – I don’t make this shiz up!)

Anyhoo, the whole reason for this post is to chat about the new Face Halo Makeup Remover that I was recently *gifted (as always all views/opinions my own) and thought it’d be fun to share some details about it all with you on here.

Mainly because it’s so easy and actually works, although as a one off makeup remover? I wouldn’t use it for that. But lemme tell you a little about it first.

SO it’s actually a cute (black, white very sleek) little puff made from Halo Tech fiber strands (which are 100 times finer than human hair) you wet with either hot or cold water and simply wipe over your face like a face wipe. The strands are then designed to reach deep into the pores to remove all your makeup.

For eye makeup you just need to wet the area well first, then hold the wipe for 5-10 seconds to help remove it better. Then once you’re done you just pop it in the wash and TA DA that’s pretty much it. Each little wipe comes with around 200 wash cycles worth of uses too. And you get three in a pack, so do the math.

Anyway, you can see how the nifty little wipe can seem too good to be true. Like an ab roller for your face right! It gives me all the infomercial feels. No mess, no fuss. Plus, better for the environment and your skin than a typical face wipe too. Even the organic, greenie ones. Like this puff is more than au natural baby!

HOWEVER, I would never use it as a one off makeup wipe. Yes, maybe back when I was 18 but not now. Water only will not remove your makeup to the max.

How I would use it though is this: as a first makeup wipe to remove your first bit of makeup. Like if you’re about to hop into the shower and don’t want to have mascara running everywhere use this. OR in the shower for pretty much the same reasons (followed by a double cleanse – better outside the shower.)

Face halo

Are you confused? GAH sorry if that seemed confusing! Because I know what you’re thinking! “Your way of cleansing = so much cleansing, I don’t have time for this shiz!”… but trust me – it works.

Another way tho, (and probably my favourite way) I’ve been using this makeup remover is to TAKE OFF MY FACE MASKS! It’s way better than a towel. And also better than using just your hands and water which I do too, because is messy and it sucks.

Use the Face Halo instead and your partner will stop getting pissed off at you for leaving dirty face mask residue all over your bathroom sink (or am I just married to the ultimate Martha Stewart? Seriously he can be so annoying.)

HOWEVER, I feel you if you CBF’d or don’t have time. SO if you are not into double cleansing, or have just come home from dancing on tabletops until 6am if you use this all over your face to remove your makeup it’ll be better than nothing. (And I’ll sleep peacefully knowing that too.)

So to conclude: one use of the Face Halo left my skin soft, clean with no tightness in sight and took off all my makeup – including my mascara… so if you wanna roll with that method of cleansing, then you roll with it gurlfren.

(Buuuuut I’m just gonna sit over here looking at you with my ‘you should really be double cleansing face.’)

Totally would be SO handy to have when you travel too! (But please remember the face mask thing! These are bomb for that!)

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Tell me babez, would you try this makeup remover?

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