The joys of a second pregnancy (like, for real)

second pregnancy

How fun is it to be pregnant? You get to grow a human, you only eat plain carbs for like three months straight and you can somehow justify your crabbiness on your hormones (when really you’re just being your crabby old self.) HA.

Seriously though, pregnancy the second time around is a little more fun. Like not fun like ‘I’m at an amusement park, eating fairy floss and having the time of my life’ fun, but more like ‘I can deal with my itchy boobs and my pants shrinking because I’m a mum now and I have so many less f’s to give,’ type of fun.

(Plus, you don’t have time to lay around on the couch feeling sorry for yourself because there’s a toddler screaming at your feet.)

Anyway, the moral of this post is that I hated my first pregnancy. Hated it. And this pregnancy I am the glowy, happy pregnant person my first pregnancy self envied with all her pimply, hormonally skin.

It’s funny though right? How one pregnancy can be SO freakin’ different the second time around? And now, I kind of feel like I’m shooting myself in the foot writing this because KARMA will get me if I ever have a third.

But preggo belly, round two. I love you.

Sure, my first trimester this time was a whole other world of hell filled with nausea, spew trips and a toddler jumping on my head (all joys that I never had the first time around) but realistically, it flew by so quick (even though some days I lay in the fetal position on the ground thinking it would never end) and now the freakin’ glow has arrived!

I have THE GLOW.

Like, even my nails are on fuego (even though I never paint them while I’m pregnant) and I have energy to exercise and annoy my husband with mega gusto. I can’t even deal.

Oohhh and cravings. I didn’t get any real cravings the first time around. SO weird. Actually, I remember craving and eating a little meat during the first trimester and I got a random craving for lasagne but that was pretty much it.

THIS TIME though OMG, I am all about the toasted cheese sandwiches. Actually cheesy anything. In fact, on a single particular day I could dictate to you all of the foods I would like to eat in one sitting and make the combinations as gross as possible – although in my head they kinda seem yum.

Pringles drizzled in chocolate anyone?

My cravings have been intense. Plus they’re not linear at all and go back and forth from sweet to savoury like I’m a craved hungover 18 year old.

Which basically means that by the third trimester I’ll probably be swimming in melted cheese fountain of YUM. Or a chocolate one. Hmmm…maybe I’ll have both?

Anyway, I wonder what this all means? Am I growing a boy again? Do all of these crazy food cravings = a girl?

I’m placing bets on a girl. Although I would love to have a boy. Actually I would love to have a million boys! I don’t think I’d cope with a girl. Can you imagine a house filled with two hormonal women? My poor husband (and me!) One is totally enough.

Ooooh and we’re finding out the sex this time. I didn’t really care the first time around and seriously, I can’t even really remember talking to my husband much about the sex last time, until the third trimester… we were so ‘blah’ about the whole thing and didn’t really GAF.

However, for some reason we feel like number two requires so much more planning. Not sure why? (Maybe because now I know that in reality you don’t really leave the house in the first year so it’s better to have your shiz together…instead of leaving everything half assed done, like I did the first time around. HA.)

Also; now that we know what a baby is like, my husband and I are literally DYING every single day without knowing the sex. Seriously, WE NEED TO KNOW! We’re on the verge of buying an ultrasound machine ourselves! Does anybody know where we can buy one? (Jokes. Totally kidding.)

Anyway, I think that’s it. SO basically, the moral of the story is that there is light at the end of the tunnel! And now I totally believe that one sh!t pregnancy doesn’t always mean two sh!t pregnancies.

But I’m not sure I’m willing to gamble on a third…

PS. Can somebody plz show me this blog when I’m 40 + weeks pregnant, can’t move, can’t sleep and I can’t see my toes; and remind me that at one stage of this pregnancy I actually said that this whole growing human thing was ‘a joy’… K. Thnx. Bye xo

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Tell me babez, did you have a different pregnancy experience the second time around?

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