The Ingredient You Need To Treat Dark Under Eye Circles

Dark under eye circles

Are dark under eye circles on everybody’s list of skin concerns or what? Seriously every time I chat to anybody about anything skincare related I always get asked ‘what’s something I can use for under my eyes?’ And I’m always like ‘soz babe, but the majority of the time it’s genetic and the rest of the time, we just can’t help but age.’ (Also, you should prob eat a little better, get more sleep…and maybe hire a few nanny’s for when you have kids HA).

However, it’s not all doom and gloom in dark under-eye circle land, because speaking to Louise Williams Clinical Educator at Advanced Skin Technology recently, she told me that right now there’s a potent ingredient we should all be keeping our eye out for (haha get it?)  in the battle against pesky dark under eye circles.

And it’s called Chrysin,

You see Chrysin is the next big thing. It’s also an ingredient that is primarily found in eye products due to its ability to work on improving dark circles so commonly seen around this delicate area. It’s known as an anti-inflammatory agent and has been proven to be successful in reducing the appearance of dark circles too. Because – science.

So basically it’s seen as a gold standard ingredient for treating this area of your face.

Anyway, Louise told me that the way Chrysin has shown to improve darkness around the eye area is due to the way it assists in eliminating pigmented bilirubin (an orange-yellow substance made during the normal breakdown of red blood cells) and iron deposits underneath the skin which essentially end up showing up as dark circles.

“Chrysin works by activating an enzyme within the skin which is responsible for eliminating pigmented bilirubin and iron deposits under the eyes. And will actually work to reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eyes that have already occurred.”

So it’s better than other preventative measures too!

However, if dark under eye circles aren’t your concern Chrysin is a magical ingredient that can help improve dull or tired looking eyes too, so will work wonders in a variety of skincare routines.

Annnnd um, that’s pretty much it.

Chrysin is an ingredient that you will primarily find in eye products so if you’re suffering from the dreaded case of ‘being a parent’ and/or not getting sufficient sleep I highly recommend to check out the two products below.

Additionally, investing in kicka$$ concealers will work wonders as well.

Societe Ultimate Eyelift System – $169.00 (for stockists call 1800 648 851)

So this is a two step system so prob better for super skincare afficianados. Essentially though, you ‘lift and fill’ with the roll on applicator in the small bottle first; which is filled with Hyaluronate Microgels to plump and peptides to firm. Then you follow with the ‘firm and brighten’ cream which contains Chrysin to help lighten and additional peptide complexes to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Seriously this power duo is one of the best on the market!

Dark under eye circles

Aspect Eyelift 3 – $129.00 (for stockists call 1800 648 851)

OH Aspect, how my heart always beats for you. Light weight, fast absorbing, works well under makeup and filled with ingredients that target not only dark circles but puffiness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles too. It’s like you’re all in one. Use AM and/or PM. Also ingredients! Think squalene, to provide hydration, Chrysin for dark circles and even licorice to help with pigmentation. It’ll be your ride or die.

Dark under eye circles

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Tell me babez, what do you use to treat your dark circles?

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