Skincare Is Life, And Life Is A (Good) Skincare Routine

Skincare routine

Remember those nights in our early twenties, where we would stumble home after a gazillion vinos, a face full of makeup, make a cheese toasty and crash into bed?


(Obviously I’m shuddering at the crashing into bed with a full face of makeup part…and not the cheese toasty part.)

Seriously though, now that I’m in my thirties and remember my early twenties… it scares the shiz out of me. And my skin. Especially considering that I’m trying to master the art of ‘being obsessively annoying re. having a proper skincare routine’ (and in my early twenties I was much more about mastering the art of ‘dancing on a night club table’.)

You see I think there really should be a subject taught in school re. skincare. Maybe it could be something called ‘skincare is life and life is a (good) skincare routine,’ because I genuinely feel that being adequately versed in the history of cleansing could do our world a whole lotta good.

In fact, I know I would have probably danced on many less night club tables if I knew I had to get home at an adequate hour to take my makeup off/stop myself from looking wrinkly and old.

Luckily, I am pregnant with a tiny lady at the moment and will naturally pass down this very wisdom that will hopefully stop her dancing on night club tables in her early twenties too…


Anyway, you’re probably already a genius at the whole taking off your makeup off at night/cleansing/toning/moisturising routine but sometimes a gentle reminder re. what you were like in your early twenties is enough to remind you just how far you’ve come.

(Sadly, reminiscing on your twenties might also work as a reminder that your metabolism probably won’t do so well with eating toasty cheese sandwiches around midnight now…*tear*…but who stays up until midnight now anyway hahaha).

OK so there is a point to this blog and that is about this new product I was recently gifted that has taken a new place in my nightly skincare routine (that I am genuinely obsessed with). It is also one that has encouraged me to chat about the historical value that teaching our youth about cleansing could potentially provide to the world. (Something else I am genuinely obsessed with too.)

Anyway it’s the new Skindanavia Post Makeup Recovery Spray – $36.00


When I heard about this product I was initially intrigued. YES wearing makeup isn’t that great, and wearing a lot of it even worse – but since when does that stop us? The fact that this product has the potential to make you feel like you haven’t really worn makeup all day (and trick your skin into thinking it too) got me hooked.

Seriously though it’s a pretty easy beauty toy to use. And it’s only $36.00 which makes it all the more exciting for you to recommend to your financial planner as an ‘investment’ purchase.

Ok, so how does it work/what does it do?

WELL: after you cleanse (and within five minutes of taking off your makeup) you spray it all over your face. Like a toner. Or a face mist. Doing this delivers your face a quick boost of nutrients including magnesium, willowbark and the skin saving mineral zinc (that we all know can help prevent breakouts, clear clogged pores and promote clear skin.)

Basically if you are prone to breakouts a product like this could do you a world of good as it helps protect skin lipids and fibroblasts (the cells that make up collagen) and help reduce oil production that lead to clogged pores.

It’ll also help reset your skin by replenishing pH, minerals and vitamins depleted through long wear makeup use and environmental factors. (And we all know a happy pH is the ultimate home for our skin).

It’s also, paraben free, hypoallergenic, alcohol free and cruelty free so really another greenie cross science beauty product – which are genuinely my fave.

Anyhoo, I’m not sure that it could replace a toner, cleanser or even moisturiser but the fact that I can spray it on post showering with my toddler then run around after him knowing that my skin is semi-prepped for whatever’s next (which I eventually get to once he’s gone to bed) is pretty genius/convenient.

Plus, it makes me feel like I’m kind of undoing the damage that wearing crap like BB and bronzer all over my face does every day. Not that I would ever stop. That’s why I’m totally digging this product.

I think tis’ an excellent addition for time poor skincare obsessed people (who may wish they’d never dance on any night club tables.)

The end.

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Tell me babez, what are some of your ride or die skincare products in your stash?

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