Review: The Beauty Chef Cook Book

The Beauty Chef Cookbook

The Beauty Chef cookbook landed in my paws a few weeks ago and I have made two recipes from it. Probably two of the easiest recipes from it, but recipes all the same (the sticky black rice with mangoes, strawberries and coconut cream and the beetroot and chocolate brownies – which my baby went crazy for).

I love this book because I have a thing for good looking cook books and wanted to write a review on it for you all, because I feel like many of you would want to buy this cook book too. Maybe for yourself, or a friend, partner, whatever. It’s beautiful. It deserves to be bought.

However, it did make me think that you might pick it up and be all like Kombucha-wha? And find the healthy-ness of the book very confusing. Because this is definitely a cook book for the health orientated. And unless your father in law is into his wellness and glowing from the inside out this might not be the best Christmas option for him.

It would however, be a pretty good option for your lady friends that love their beauty and skincare (because there’s so much more to beauty than products!) It would also work amazingly as a gift to any mum, so she can sneakily health-ify foods for her family… or for a man who knows what a scoby is.

(Ps. as a mum myself with limited time, I think this book would work best for a mum who likes to cook, create and play around with ingredients because these recipes are most def. not Jamie Oliver ’15 minute type of meals’. And honestly, his meals always take more than 15 minutes anyway.)

Also as an FYI: this book was created by all round health goddess Carla Oats, who is the brain and founder of the brand ‘The Beauty Chef’. She is also a former newspaper beauty columnist, gut health advocate and author of the best selling book ‘Feeding Your Skin’ (which I haven’t read, but need to get onto stat).

Basically she has been researching, writing and teaching organic beauty and health for the past 15 years and if you’ve seen her skin you’ll note she knows her stuff. Anyway, if you’d like to find out a little more about her visit this link HERE.

Also; on the down low her beauty products are insane. The Probiotic Skin Refiner – $69.95 is my fave. but you can sticky beak a little further into her whole beauty lifestyle if you buy this book; because this book isn’t only about recipes. It’s also filled with a wealth of natural beauty information too.

In the beginning Carla speaks a lot about her own personal wellness/beauty journey and shares the philosophy behind her beauty/health lifestyle, which is super interesting if you’re into that type of thing – I am. She also shares her fave. beauty nutrients, kitchen tips and info on eating for your gut health.

Side note: I have been vegetarian for almost nine years now, with a few reverts to eating meat (like during my first trimester of pregnancy), although predominantly I don’t eat meat. I do eat fish though so I guess I am a pescatarian hmmmm. I’m confusing. Anyway, what I love about this book, is that it delivers to everybody meat, vegan, paleo etc… which is amazing for multi- types of eating families (and I think a heap of the recipes could be skewed to suit.)

Plus even though I don’t eat meat, I still cook it for my husboz and baby so this book will undoubtedly provide me with additional culinary skills. As it will you, if you are a confusing vegetarian/pescatarian person who has to cook for people who eat meat.

Anyhoo, to conclude, if you are into your health and beauty then I think this book will deliver major love to your soul. However, as mentioned previously, I don’t think it’d be amazing for somebody who doesn’t have an interest in it, because it totally would not be their jam. The recipes also have quite a few ingredients in them and healthy stuff is always just a little bit more expensive anyway (WHY UNIVERSE) so you really have to be prepared to put in the hard yards to reap the rewards.

My fave recipes from the book are as follows: the carrot and rosemary cake with labneh and cacao butter frosting, the layered chocolate and blackberry cake with cacao and cultured butter frosting, the dessert tasting platter and the molten chocolate puddings with passionfruit-lemon curd. (They are all desserts – soz).

Ps. I also think this book would make the best addition to cook-book collections that never get cooked from too. It’s a feast for your body, but also for your eyes – why ruin a good thing by attempting to cook from it? HA. Just let it sit pretty.

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Tell me babez, have you bought this book? Would you? What do you think?

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    January 4, 2017 at 12:24 am

    I’m so interested int he book but I’m not a sweet tooth, and whilst I love cooking and am NOT realistically looking for a J.Oliver 15 minute meals situation, i do want a practical book that can be used mid week but i’m concerned at the time requirements and pages full of bliss balls, desserts and 1hr+ meals within. Can you elaborate – or post a contents page picture?

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