Review: The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm

The Beauty Chef

The Beauty Chef Beauty Fix Balm – $24.95 is life! And also one of the best multi purpose products to have landed on my desk recently.

Although I do have to say that prior to trying it I was already a The Beauty Chef groupie and a big fan of the founder, Carla Oates philosophy that “beauty begins in the belly”.  Carla knows that the first step to glowing skin is balancing your digestive health, which when not working properly, can wreak havoc on your skin.

This philosophy is what led her to launch her Inner Beauty Powder back in 2011, (which was a product that saved me when my skin went loco during pregnancy.)

And now that she’s branched out into natural skincare I want it all.

The Beauty Fix Balm is a super hydrating, moisturising and skin protecting balm with a zillion and one uses. It’s made with a bunch of botanical oils, a blend of seeds/grains rich in amino acid peptides, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids too.

Although the main power ingredient is the fermented young coconut extract which when combined with the rest of the ingredients (that in easier terms to understand incl. quinoa, brown rice, millet, mung beans, honey, chickpeas, alfalfa and linseed #wooah) and then FERMENTED, help transform the ingredients into smaller peptides which better help your skin soak up all those delish nutrients.

You see what Carla’s done there!

She’s applied her same gut loving philosophy for her inner beauty lotions and potions, to her new outer beauty lotions and potions by letting her love of fermented foods run wild and freeee! Her skincare products are literally alive with beneficial bacteria!

OMG I cannot deal.

Actually I can, and I’m now using this product not only on myself, but on my cutey, fatty baby on the daily.  (And I am psycho about anything that goes on my baby’s skin).

I’ve found it works best as a balm on my lips, but am also using it as a mani-pedi helper on my nail beds (which I’ve neglected to the maximus since having a baby), under my eyes when I’ve had a sh!tty night’s sleep, on super dry spots like my elbows, heels and all over my babies face and cheeks after his showers as a moisturiser (which I’ve also found is helping minimise that weird dry, red skin that they seem to have when they’re young).

Apparently you can also use it all over your face to give yourself a ‘dewy’ glow although I haven’t tried that, or as an intensive hydrating treatment before bed, which I think would be perfect for ladies with oily skin as it’s not a heavy product although I tend to like heavier potions at night.

The actual product though isn’t really that big, but I find a little goes a long way so I imagine it’ll last for yonks. It’s the perfect deskside companion too and a great beauty toy to transition into the cooler months with.

I’m a fan. A big fan. HUGE.

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Tell me babez, have you tried anything from The Beauty Chef range? What were your thoughts?

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