Random Things I’m Packing In My Hospital Bag

Hospital bag

OK so I’m about to hit it…the bottom of the almond butter tub that I’ve been eating out of with a spoon! HOWEVER, I am also about to hit that 35-week pregnancy mark. (Which is probz a little more important and related to this post.)

You see, I feel as though once you get to that 35 week mark this whole baby making business kind of begins to feel real. Not that it hasn’t before, but with a non-stop moving baby, an ever-expanding belly it’s kind of like a one way street to birth/you better get your shiz together and quick town, (you know, just in case the baby decides to pop out early.)

Basically, the 35-week mark has also been like my mental milestone.

This is the week I’m meant to have food prepped and in the freezer and my hospital bag packed and ready to GO. (That way I can chill and let the baby work out the rest. HA.) But to date I have only semi prepped food, (like, prob only enough to last my husband and I 2-3 days) and my hospital bag is still a work in progress. (Like a masterpiece. It takes time.)

Plus I keep forgetting things. And remembering a bunch of things I forgot last time that I wish I’d packed but didn’t. Sooooo maybe the 38 week mark might be a better milestone to hit? Hmmmm. Anyway, the whole moral of this post is that this time I’m packing a few extra random goodies I wanted to share. And they’re mostly beauty.


Because labour/birth makes you feel like you’ve been thrown into a washing machine in some sort of high spin cycle and when you come out you need stuff to make you un-feel all the things which at the time can feel pretty much like:

“HOLY F. WTF was that?! I can’t believe women do this ALL THE TIME! I’m NEVER doing that AGAIN!”

(Then whooopsies…you do it again.)

However, I am also packing other essential items which, if you’re about to have a baby and need some ideas include things like:

Cute clothes for the baby (most important), cute hat for the baby, OR cute bow for baby’s head (and make sure you have a couple of different sized outfits in case your babe comes out smaller/bigger than it’s meant to be – Javier didn’t fit any of the clothes I packed for him), a tiny blanket to wrap your new baby in (OMG I’m going to cry), a heat pack YAAAAS A HEAT PACK! Don’t forget one – for labour pain. (Then get your partner to hold it over everywhere that hurts while you scream and like a wild banshee woman…the #romance.) Maternity pads! Tom’s Organic are the best. Plus they’re like giant nappies. (Which trust me, you will need post-birth as much as your baby. TWINS.) Ummmm on that note, packing black undies is also of mega importance. Big ones. Possibly even ones you can throw away and breast pads for your leaky, giant new boobs (are you guys feeling the glamour yet!) Also; post-birth snacks, because following birth you will be hungry AF and have no energy to get your own. So either come prepared (last time I sat on a chair in the shower, eating muesli bars and it was the greatest), or have your partner bring you something super tasty ASAP – because you just birthed a real life human and NEED to refuel!

Ohhh and this time I’m also packing a teeny Himalayan salt crystal lamp for night time feeds as per some mama’s recommendations on Insty, which I didn’t do last time. We actually have one in Javi’s room (that he licks), but I’m feeling that this idea would be the best because hospital lights are the sh!ttest and it could double as the baby’s night lamp. I also think this might be perfection as I probably won’t be sleeping and will very likely spend the majority of the time post-birth peering into the bassinet next to my bed at my beautiful, new babe like a giant stalker (which I did last time too.) OK I’m excited now. “Baby you can come out now! Are you listening?”

Anyhoo, let’s get onto the beauty.

Jurlique Softening Shower Gel – $35.00

This is their new release and it’s going in my bag – stat. It’ll make that first shower post baby way more magical and hospital soaps are the sh!ttest. Seriously I think they have a pump soap thing that is meant to be an all in one for your body, hands and hair? Ummmm. No. Pack your own. And pack your fave. hair prodz too.

Hospital bag

Kevin Murphy Bedroom Hair – $42.95

Speaking of hair this is a new release by Kevin Murphy that feels like a cross between a super light weight hair spray, texturising spray and even a little like dry shampoo. It’s meant to give you that fresh, lived in messy bed hair look (that is actually a lot of work and nobody wakes up with.) Anyway, I’m obsessed with messy hair and I think this prod is a fab all in one to spritz and freshen up your messy post-birth hair, while holding it all together a little as well.

Hospital bag

Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Detox Bouncy Hydration Gel – $69.00 

So I’m a little obsessed with Peter Thomas Roth products at the moment and this is a lightweight moisturiser for your face that not only hydrates, detoxes (perfect for post birth) but also makes you feel super refreshed when you use it. It also dries matte which is the reason I’m packing it. Last time I had an allergic reaction to one of the chemicals that were injected into me after I had a small post-partum haemorrhage and my face broke out/went super oily in the days/weeks (THE JOY!) that followed so this’ll be my ride or die. Plus, it’s packed with antioxidants and hyaluronic acid, so despite being matte, it’s also super moisturising.

Hospital bag


Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Mask – $108.00

OK, so I’m not planning to face mask post-birth (BUT WHAT if I WAS HUH! #nojudgement) however, if for some reason I have to have a C-section or need to stay at the hospital for a few days, I totally need to pack something! And this is one of my current faves. I actually use it a lot when I haven’t slept because: 1. It only takes 10 minutes, is easy to use/wipe off and 2. It contains caffeine which helps tighten and firm the skin. It also just makes your face look and feel brighter and better. Fun fact: this mask also contains Peridot which is a gemstone that is rich in magnesium and also helps reduce the ageing effects of stress (annnnnd could there be anything more stressful than birth? Ummmm. No.)

Hospital bag

Murad Skincare Hydrating Toner – $47.00

OBSESSED. So this product was sent to me and I’ve used it every day since it landed in my life. It’s just a super simple hydrating and refreshing toner that smells like green apples and makes your skin feel moisturised and glowy with just a few spritzes. Also works as a hydrating face mist during the day and even as a makeup setting spray if you’re down with wearing makeup post birth? I for one, totally am not HA. Buuuuut you know, if you pack this it’ll be like your all in one.

Hospital bag

Sukin Skincare Super Greens Cleansing Oil – $13.95

Remember how I said I had an allergic reaction to whatever drugs/chemicals were injected into me post-birth? Yeah. Well, this is why I’m packing this super clean, totally natural and gentle cleansing oil. It’s lightweight, nourishing (totally affordable) and if I break out everywhere again it’s very unlikely to add to the chaos.

hospital bag

Mesoestetic AOX Ferulic Serum – $199.00 

So this is a new antioxidant serum on the market that kind of reminds me of my favourite serum in the world, which is why I’m packing it with me. It’s basically and advanced antioxidant and protective product that’s designed to protect against a whole range of factors that cause ageing such as: pollution, UVA/UVB sun exposure, stress, lack of sleep, and even help with artificial light exposure. You pop it on and your skin soaks it right up. Under normal circumstances it is made for day wear although since post baby you won’t have any idea what time it is/whether it’s day or night/and your lack of sleep will make you feel totally loco. Popping this on under a moisturiser isn’t going to hurt. (Plus it was made to deal with stress, lack of sleep and artificial lighting heelllllo!)

Hospital bag

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse –  $26.99

FUN FACT: I’m more of a ‘team body oil’ than ‘team body moisturiser’ person. Like, sure I do love heavier creams during the cooler months, but when it’s hot or post exercise I prefer to use body oils instead. They don’t feel as heavy/greasy and I find them easier and much more time efficient to use. Which is why post-birth I’m packing a cult beauty buy/one of the best! Plus, if it’s good enough for French women then…you know the drill. This body oil is made with the ultra-concentrated composition of six precious plant oils (macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, Camellia and St John’s wort) and not only nourishes, repairs and softens the skin, but thanks to the combo of oils it can also assist with reducing stretch marks too. It’s also super luxe feeling/smelling and will make you feel semi-human after birth. (Which it doesn’t state on the packet although am sure it should.)

Hospital bag

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Tell me babez, what did you pack in your hospital bag? Is there stuff that I’m missing? (Probably).

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