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L'Unico Laboratory

A luxe skincare brand that combines both science and green beauty? Sign me up! Seriously. L’Unico Laboratory Luxury Skincare is a new range that is bomb and if you’re a skincare junkie you need to try them stat.

It’s a company that I wanted to introduce you guys to this week because 1. It’s Aussie and 2. It’s made with highly active ingredients including naturally derived peptides that will actually deliver results.

It’s like health and beauty in one. Like yes, there are some really kick a$$ skincare brands on the market but if you’re into green beauty no matter what results they provide they might not be for you. Hence why, L’Unico Laboratory could be your new BFF.

(Albeit one you might have to take out a loan for but we’ll get to that later. LOLz.)

Anyway to cut things short I’ll give you a quick run down on what the L’Unico range is all about, a review on some of my faves and then when we’re finished we can all go out for a strawberry milkshake. Cool? Cool.

Ok, so heres the rundown: L’Unico Laboratory uses nano sized ingredients in high concentrations to allow for maximum skin penetration and instant absorption, all of their products have an aqueous base with a minimal use of 0.1% natural oils or plant extracts (which basically means that this formulation allows it to be instantly absorbed into the skin.) They also use advanced variations of peptides to act as a signal to skin cells to help make new collagen, improve wrinkles, firmness and reduce pigmentation (Um, NEED) and last but not least, even the packaging is 100% light resistant which protects against oxidation and deterioration by light (not that we would ever leave our skincare out in broad daylight – right!)

Anyway, so I know that’s pretty short, but that’s basically L’Unico Laboratory in an abbreviated speed date type of version. We all have places to go, people to see etc..


Neuropeptide Firming Eye Therapy – $160.00 (30ml)

This is my fave. eye cream to date (big call). I have been using it every single day, morning and night and my eyes literally cannot get enough. It’s designed to decrease puffiness around the eye area while helping improve skin elasticity; and while I can’t really tell whether my wrinkles are improving my eyes do feel firmer and brighter every time I use it. Even from the first go. I’m obsessed with it because it’s a hypoallergenic formula which is fab when you rub your eyes right before bed like I do. Other eye creams sting and are annoying whereas this is fine. It also contains a potent source of Vitamin E and natural antioxidants making it perfect for day wear and although I think it takes a little while to absorb, it works well under makeup too.

L'Unico Laboratory

High Potency 30% Vitamin C Serum – $100.00 (15ml) 

This anti-ageing serum is to die. Everybody needs to be using a Vitamin C serum every day so if you’ve been on the hunt, this one is worth a whirl. You see it’s made with a highly stable form of Vitamin C meaning it penetrates skin to enhance collagen and elastin synthesis like nothing else. Both of these things help restore loss of hydration and density which help = wrinkle free skin. Anyway Vitamin C also helps encourage antioxidant activity to assist with providing UV protection making it kick a$$ for daytime use.  I found it a little on the oilier side although you only need a teeny bit.

L'Unico Laboratory

Intensive Hydrating Mask – $150.00 (250gm)

Now that it’s getting cooler this hydrating mask is what your skin is probably craving. I found it was way more potent than a green beauty hydrating mask and super quick to use. It’s like a clay mask you just pop on, let it dry (mine took abuot ten minutes) then you wash it off. The best for anybody who has no time. I found it also helped with pore size as well as hydration!

L'Unico Laboratory

Youth Essence Day Cream – $240.00 (50ml)

While we’re on the subject of ultimate hydration this day cream is perfection for the cold. I actually found it quite thick so had to let it dry a little before popping makeup on top. Although despite that, my oily skin loved. Which is weird considering how oily I am (goes to show ingredients are key!!) Anyway, it’s designed to boost collagen and help inhibit enzyme destruction and protect against collagen degeneration (which, having only been using it for a couple of weeks I can’t really vouch for) however I am finding it provides the ultimate hydration and wake up with the most luxe looking skin. Use this product post hydrating mask for the ultimate power combo!

L'Unico Laboratory

Phyto Fruit AHA Micro Peels – $90 (118ml)

And finally, these deserve a mention because if you’re into exfoliating without the time to head into a salon, but want something better than wiping a glycolic wipe on your face then these rock. They come in three levels for three skin tones: fair, olive and dark (I use the olive ones) and they come pre-soaked in fruit acids that gently help exfoliate the outermost dead layers of the skin. I actually found the pads were soaked a little too well with the liquid and felt sad wasting so much product after wiping my face (although maybe I have a small face? HA) Anyway, you’re meant to wipe them all over your face for up to ten minutes after cleansing (perfect post dinner when you’re slothing on the couch) avoiding the eye and lip areas then BOOM you wash it off. So simple. You’re only meant to use them once a week too. My skin felt brighter and way clearer when I used them – plus they were so freakin’ easy!

L'Unico Laboratory

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Tell me babez, do you like the sound of this brand? Anything from the range you want to try?

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