My Fave. Products For Super Bleached, Dry AF Hair

Dry hair

So I have this thing that whenever I’m pregnant I dye my hair super blonde. Also; towards the end I fake tan more than anything and go crazy on all the beauty things to stop me feeling like Free Willy.

(But a tan and fresh hair are my two key things.)

Naturally, once I give birth/begin to feel semi human and my hormones resume working normally again (i.e I’m not crying at every baby commercial and trying to look like Donatella Versace) I revert back to my normal old self.

It’s weird. I did it last pregnancy and this time I’m doing it again.

Anyway, basically this all means that right now, my hair is bleached AF and super dry. In fact it was pretty much the equivalent to straw a few months ago and I was continually mistaken for scarecrow woman before I finally gave in to switching my hair products.

Sooooo to cut a long story short it is now manageable. It is hydrated. And I am no longer scarecrow woman.


And on this journey I have managed to find some super moisturising hair products I love that I wanted to share with you below.

Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash– $38.95 and Hydrate Me Rinse – $39.95

You literally feel your hair strands soaking this shampoo/conditioner combo up when you use it, it’s so bomb. Super smoothing, super hydrating, it’s been made for hair ‘that can’t be repaired.’ (Ahhhh me? LOL). It’s also packed with a heap of antioxidants and I found my hair to be super soft and manageable after one use. Anyhoo, I’m always a little unsure about using some of these bigger salon chain brands, but you know what? Kevin Murphy is cruelty free! These two products are also sulphate free and a perfect PH balance of 5.0 – 60. So I kind of feel like this is my pick of the bunch and my current favourite for every day.

Dry hair

Dry hair


R + Co Moisture and Shine Cream – $27.00

OK, full disclaimer this brand was gifted to me, but I have never looked back since they landed in my life. Vegan, cruelty free, packaging to die for and the products WORK. I am so SOLD, I need a better word than sold to describe my feelings. Anyway, you use this balm in your hair post shower. It tames frizz, seals your cuticle, moisturises and softens all in the one hit. I can’t blow dry my hair without it now. Like I can’t. This isn’t even a joke.

Dry hair

R + Co Atlantis Moisturising Shampoo and Atlantis Moisturising Conditioner – $28 (each)

Ok, so this is my pick of the shampoo and conditioner from the R + Co range. My hair has never been softer! Pluse when I use these two with the balm, THEN actually put in the (mega) effort required to blow dry my hair I can go without washing my hair for like 4-5 days. It’s such a time saver when you have good products! Apparently these two prodz are also meant to be good for curly hair too (although I can’t vouch for that, just sayin!)

Dry hair

Dry hair


Redken Extreme Hair Strengthening Mega Mask – $38.95

Ok so this is a new release from Redken (obsessed with the name!) and not greenie at all, but it is potent and when your hair is suffering from all your torture and abuse you gotta call in the big guns. Plus, it’s designed as a care extender to strengthen your hair so you can keep going with your abuse as long as you’ve got this handy. You really only need to use it one-two times a week it’s that fab! My hair feels so slick, hydrated and manageable every time I use this.

Dry hair


Black Chicken HairOM – $39.95 (available at Beautiful Because)

So this is a teeny, tiny entirely green hair treatment you pop in your hair for one hour prior to shampooing and conditioning. It’s not really moisturising, but more strengthening. You apply two teaspoons into your palm then massage on your scalp. It’s meant to feed vital nutrients to your hair follicles and restore/promote growth. The ingredients include: pure essential oils of clary sage, rosemary, cedarwood, geranium and lavender in a blend of jojoba, argan, hemp and vitamin E oils. Considering I have bleached my hair I’ve been loving this as a bit of TLC prior to washing my hair. Plus, when you rub it on your scalp you can kind of give yourself a quickie head massage too. Plus, doesn’t bleached hair need all the strength it can get!

Dry hair

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Tell me babez, what hair products do you love for super bleached dry AF hair?

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