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So I have a love for online baby stores. Mostly because there aren’t any good baby stores anywhere near where I live except for maybe one and a half… so at the moment I’m always looking for stuff online.

Also, the logistics of leaving the house with a baby in tow sometimes is a little too much for me to handle.

Plus, I like adding stuff to cart I’ll never buy. It’s like window-shopping in the online world. Except for those times that I do add a whole bunch of things to my cart and then press ‘checkout’ and accidentally provide all my credit card details.


Anyway, there are so many amazing online baby stores out there I know that I have yet to conquer them all. In fact, I think I’ve only scratched the surface, but today I wanted to share with other mamas some of my faves.

Because isn’t it handy to have someone else do the hard stalking work for you?

Jack and Willow is the home to a bunch of unique baby toys and play things. I stumbled on it when I went on the hunt for a play gym for my babe that wasn’t lime green or made out of a rainbow. It saved my eyes and now my baby has a sick a$$ play gym that matches our house. Not that he cares. A lot of their stuff is handmade and will entice you to spend all your money.

I actually stumbled on Luumo Deisgn via Insty. It’s not really a baby store but more of a lifestyle and homewares/furniture type store with some child like elements. A lot of their stuff is Scandinavian designed so it’s very much for the swanky peeps who love their interiors. I bought a play rug for my babe that is getting dispatched in April. I’m pretty sure I’m more excited about it then my baby and may not sleep until it arrives.

I like Mini Macko for the clothes. Seriously, just try and log on without buying something. I’m especially obsessed with their stuff and their brands for boys (which is lucky because I have a boy) although seriously, the only thing holding me back from buying more clothes from here is the fact that my baby gets so fat so quick.

Resident GP is another store I stalked the shiz out of on Insty for ages before actually logging on and checking out their website. I liked their feed. Its filled with a ton of interior porn. Anyhoo, this store is the shizzle for kids accessories. They have a bunch of fun stuff for the bedroom and a sh!t hot sheep skin which I fell in love with and bought for my babe before he was born. Little did I know that my babe would like to lick the sheepskin, which kind of ruins the whole look. Still – it’s worth a stalk!

I’m pretty sure that everybody who is a parent has heard of Ladedah. This shop is all about the knitted toys. Well, at least it is for me. I’m in love with these toys and would buy them all if I could somehow justify it. Although, I don’t think I can. So far I’ve only bought one. I did buy one for a girlfriend, but that doesn’t count. Actually, I really think I need to up my game on buying more – stat. I might go do that now.

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Tell me what are your fave. online baby stores? Please share your secrets!

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