My Fave BB’s, CC’s And Tinted Moisturisers (OH MY!)

BBs, CCs , tinted moisturisers

It’s that time again… LUNCH time! (Jokes. It’s spring) and with spring comes a shedding of our skin and more importantly – a changing of some of our most beloved beauty products.

You see, I am all about feeling funky, fresh and new as the weather warms up. Plus, the sun is (literally) shining, the birds are chirping so how is it not possible to not want to give winter the finger and make way for the better months ahead.

Or am I just pregnant and hating on everything right now? HAHA. Seriously tho winter, #bai (*gives finger*).

Anyway, with spring also comes the changing of our skin tones, so it pays to up your ante on your daily BB, CC or tinted moisturiser range – which you guessed it, is what I’m chatting about today. Because I’m not sure how, but a few years ago (circa around the time I started looking after my skin) I ditched foundation…and since then I’ve never really looked back.

Plus, I’m sure you’ve all heard the mantra, ‘skincare first, makeup second’ etc… (but for real, when you look after your skin you really don’t need that much makeup to face the day. A strong coffee, yes. But strong makeup? Not really.)

Unless you really love it then you go Glen Coco!

However, I did used to wear foundation every single day. I couldn’t live without it. MAC’s Studio Fix was my go-to and I still love it to this day…I just find that now, my face feels suffocated by it and prefer to go without. Even to weddings and formal occasions like when I meet the Queen I still opt for BB’s, CC’s or tinted moisturisers (with a shizload of concealer).

Anyway, since I now have in fact covered the (ground breaking) fact that I have predominantly only been wearing only BB’s, CC’s and tinted moisturisers for the past few years I wanted to chat about a few of my faves. WHY? Because if you too, would like to break the cycle of wearing foundation every day I am here to tell you it IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE. (Of course, a little bit scary at first – but you can doooo it. Plus, it’s better for your skin. (Let it breathe, etc…)

Also; a lot of tinted moisturisers, BB’s and CC’s have bucket loads of coverage these days so in fact (SHOCK HORROR) they could even work better than some of your foundations. You just gotta give them a try!

And before you go on thinking that I do this because I have perfect skin, I don’t.  My face actually has quite a bit of pigmentation from my running in the sun sans sunscreen when I was younger (why lord Jesus why), using a solarium (kill me) and pregnancy induced melasma (thank you babies!) so I like my coverage to be at mid-level – at least. If not stronger.

Think Studio Fix Foundation level – that shiz is cray…but maybe not as strong now.

SO basically what I’m trying to say is all of those ‘barely there tints that i.e feel like ‘you’ve put nothing on your face,’ just don’t cut it for me. I like the hard tequila like pigmentation covering stuff – the type of stuff that when you look in the mirror make you look and feel ALIVE – rather than sick, dying or nearly dead (like those prodz that don’t really cover anything tend to do…you feel?)

I like the coverage of a foundation, with the breathability of a BB, CC or tinted moisturiser and I like them to be better for my skin too – is that too much to ask?

ANYHOO the moral of this post is to shout about some of my fave ‘not as heavy as foundation, but provide more coverage than most BB’s, CC’s and Tinted Moisturiser,’ options are!

Does this all make sense? I have a jumbled pregnant brain at the moment so I hope it does. HA. Now let’s go shopping for some new killer face coverage ya’ll!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream – $58.00

My holy grail of all face coverage for at least the past three years. I haven’t found anything that works or that I like better. Want to hide pigmentation? Want it to glide on and last most of the day? Pfft. This prodz got you! Also protects against both UVA and UVB (although please still wear sunscreen!) and comes in about five different shades. I use medium. Mid level coverage, super hydrating, brightening. Try it and you won’t wear anything else again. Promise.

BB, CC, tinted moisturiser


It Cosmetics CC+ Cream Illumination – $58.00

OK, so shoot me… this is the updated version of the original CC cream BUT IT’S SO GOOD. (And if there were three different versions I would totally include the third). This one just comes infused with a super subtle shimmer to give your skin a teeny glow. It’s very subtle. I prefer the original but both still provide that mid to deep coverage and WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD.

BBs, CCs , tinted moisturisers

Lycogel Breathable Tint – $89.00

Love to get your face lasered or treated to professionally on a monthly (or even weekly) basis? Well, first of all you lucky thing you! Second of all, you need to add this product to your stash. It was made to help your face recover (although while still providing that coverage that you need.) It comes infused with a LYCO-complex which is basically a balance of 12 active ingredients so bridges the gap between cosmetic and skincare technology. (Think oxygen, moisture and nutrients loaded with antioxidants!) Also covers things like bruising and redness which can occur post treatments with a mineral based technology which is super gentle for your skin – although I’d be down to use this everyday!

BBs, CCs , tinted moisturisers

La Mav Organic BB Cream $39.95 (avail at Beautiful Because)

I’ve harped on about this baby a little bit before. Hands down the only green beauty BB cream that I’ve tried, loved and works. Naturally, (haha get it?) provides that mid-deep level coverage too. It is a little matte  though so if your skin is dry it can be mixed with moisturiser to glide on better. However for a green beauty product it is bomb!

La Mav Organic BB Cream

Images: Lycogel, Beautiful Because, It Cosmetics; Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tell me babez, what BB, CC or tinted moisturisers do you love?

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