Motherhood Is A Crazy Ride


Motherhood is a crazy ride that nothing, (nada, zilch, zip) can prepare you for. No matter how many baby books you read, websites you stalk, people you talk to it’s really the hardest ride in the world to understand unless you’re a mum yourself.

Today it kind of feels as though I have a ‘before baby life’ (BBL) and ‘after baby life’ (ABL); it’s like I’ve closed a door behind me and opened up a shiny new one to fumble, cry and laugh my way through. It’s a new room, in a house I’ve never been in.

Motherhood is also equally as isolating as it is overwhelming. But it’s fun and filled with a love so ridiculous it hurts. (Like my heart seriously hurts with love it’s cray.)

And it touches on every corner of my soul.

From attempting to have a shower/drink coffee/eat…actually do any type of normal every day thing (with a baby strapped to my chest). To working at ridic. hours in the morning, late at night and everywhere in between to maintain my career.

Motherhood is a sacrifice.

Motherhood is a room I’ve chosen to walk into and one that I’ve lost the key to get out of. It’s also a room I’ve wanted to escape from and a room that I’ve daydreamed about my BBL in… and have attempted to run back to at full speed.

There have been days I’ve bawled my eyes out at my new life, at all the new anxiety it’s come with and have dreamt of being alone again. Some days it’s even felt as though this crazy ride called motherhood is all I’ll ever know.

BUT motherhood and this big, shiny, new room that I’m playing in is more than that. It’s a milestone that has changed me, a milestone that is teaching me things and one that will never make me the same person again. And I’ll be forever grateful.

It’s also the most rewarding (lowest paying) job (without a day off, or a break) I’ll ever have – with no escape. (Is this making all you non-baby people want to have kids now?)

Motherhood is the best gift I’ve ever received.

And now, even though I’m only four months in I can already see that time is flying past way too quick. I know that soon my babe will find the key to get out of this shiny, new room I’m raising him in to fly wild and freeee and I’ll have to let him.

Although nothing will ever take away from my being his mum.

He is my heart and soul and he’ll forever be my baby.

Happy Mother’s Day, you beautiful mums!

(Ps. I’m going to go smoosh my babe with love now…and ask him to make me pancakes! Ciao XO)

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 Tell me babez, what’s your fave. thing about your mum/being a mum?

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