I Love You : Manuka Honey

I Love You Manuka Honey

I have a ridiculous obsession with manuka honey at the moment. It started as a one off fling, but has slowly morphed into this weird passionate love affair that I want to SHOUT ABOUT TO THE WORLD!

I LOVE YOU MANUKA HONEY and I don’t even care that you’re expensive (because I’ll take out a loan to keep tasting you on the daily).

You see I jumped on the manuka honey bandwagon after I had a baby. I was run down, sleep deprived and on many occasions felt like I was about to get sick.

(Sleep deprivation –people use it as a form of torture for a reason you guyz!)

Anyway, it was on one of those nights where I felt like my body was crippling over and could give way at any moment that I sent my husband out on an expedition to fetch me manuka honey.

He came back, threw it at me and a week later, I was engaged to my manuka honey and we got a divorce!


But my manuka money does sleep in between the two of us now.

Anyhoo, manuka honey has a range of health benefits and even though I normally reserve it for the depths of freezing winter and/or for when I actually get sick, now, I say mamas should have a tub on hand at all times!

But what’s so good about it? Lemme jump up on my high horse and tell you now:

Manuka honey has an antibacterial component to other honeys that sets it apart. Which basically means that it’s been found to be effective against a range of bacteria – hence why it’s SO good to take it as soon as you feel a cold coming on.

Normally, if I do that I don’t even get sick! True story. (I can tell you the story again if you like?)

But it doesn’t end there because manuka honey is also an antioxidant, which naturally increases your immunity and studies have even been conducted to prove that it heals wounds. (I’ve got a bunch of manuka honey beauty toys I’ll be talking about with you soon too, I’m currently burning myself/trialing them now.)

To cut things short manuka honey is the Beyonce of honeys.

The only down side to it is that not all manuka honey’s are created equal and like most things it pays to spend a little more to get a quality product. All you have to do is remember when you’re shopping for your manuka honey to make sure you check out the NPA (Non Peroxide Activity) rating on the container you buy.

You see, the varying levels of antibacterial activity in Manuka Honey are tested, measured and given an NPA rating (normally NPA +5 NPA +10 NPA +15) and this rating is used to communicate the variety of honey ‘killing bacteria’ strengths. The stronger the better – obvs.

I’m currently loving the Bee Vital brand and I take the NPA 15+ strength. You can buy it at Coles HERE. It’s normally $30.80 for 250g but it’s on sale this week for $22.00 – how random!

And lastly the best way to eat it? Well, you can play with it yourselves but…

I squeeze a whole lemon or lime (whatever I have on hand) with a tablespoon of manuka honey and hot water then drink it that way. Sometimes I even dip a black tea bag in for an added caffeine boost (but never at night).

I also eat a teaspoon out of the jar. That’s easy espesh. when you CBF’d boiling the kettle. Also; if you want to get really fancy I have also been using it in my turmeric lattes (which is a whole other post I need to write) and spreading it on my pancakes – because everything works with pancakes.

Anyway, manuka honey get some into ya.

The end.

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Tell me babez, have you tried manuka honey? How do you use it?

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