How To Reverse Summer Damage To Blonde Hair


So my hair is really blonde at the moment. Super blonde. I swear it’s always my pregnancy hormones that make me want to become everything I’m not. Anyway, there’s no going back now, it’s way too much work. So my new hair colour (that requires a lot of maintenance/is very impractical for a new mum of two) is here to stay.

Anyway, you have to look after blonde hair y’know. Love it, feed it all the good things. Tell it, it’s pretty etc… otherwise it’ll go all dry and lacklustre/lose its glow.

It’s really not a colour for people that don’t have the time (please tell me, again how I got like this?) SO in the spirit of sharing some info to help any of you who a) currently might be blonde post heat waves with no way out (like me) or b) be blonde naturally.

I sat down with Caterina Di Biase, Schwarzkopf Professional International Ambassador and Heading out Hair and Beauty Director for some tips and tricks to help reverse any of the damage we’ve caused laying by the pool/beach/sun post summer. So YAY!


Pre care creates happier (and easier) after care!

“Just as you would with your skin, applying sunscreen or leave in treatments to create a barrier against the harsh elements of summer – and especially before or after a day at the beach/pool. Invest in a quality hair sunscreen or products that protect against UV damage, otherwise sunscreen works just as well!”

  • After the beach: Always rinse the salt water out of your hair to avoid dryness and unwanted yellow.
  • After the pool: Always rinse and shampoo/condition your hair after a dip in the pool, as it is important to completely remove the chlorine from your hair
  • During summer/after a day in the sun: It’s best to use a specialised treatment for blonde hair to protect and create a barrier against the sun. For an extra moisture kick and to bring your blonde back to normality, replace your conditioner with a treatment.


There’s a difference in every shade, which means there should be a difference in your products!

“If you have a cool blonde (with tones of grey, white and ash), it’s important to choose products with cool cendré tone directions to neutralise unwanted warmth. The same rule applies if you have a warm blonde (with tones of caramel) – choose products containing rich caramel tone direction to support and maintain you’re in-salon blonde service. Ensure they are also deeply nourishing and hydrating, as blondes become very thirsty during summer. Stick to your normal routine – but use products such as treatments, leave in serums and spray conditioners to ensure your blonde is always hydrated and protected. You can’t skip these!”


A few common reasons for fading blondes:

“Not sticking to regular colouring appointments – blondes can often fade if they’re not freshened up. Depending on what your hairdresser recommends, try to keep with those appointments.”

“Not using the right products for the type of blonde you have. If you have cool or warm blondes, use specialised products for these tones to maintain that fresh in-salon service.”


“I always stress the importance of using the right product for the tone of blonde you have.”


Using the right products for your blonde is something Schwarzkopf have been big on since releasing their new BlondeME range. Which are basically specialised products to cater for a variety of blondes. You know, cool blondes, warm blondes etc…meaning you can choose the right products to suit your shade.

I’ve been loving and using the BLONDME Tone Enhancing Spray Conditioner – $29.95 in my hair to tone it a little every time I wash it. I find it gives my hair colour a little extra oomph when I don’t feel like I need the strength of a toning shampoo and conditioner. It’s also a handy size when you’re travelling and made for cooler shades of blonde (which I currently am).


Fudge Clean Blonde Toning Shampoo and Conditioner – $23.95 (each)

Ok so if you are a blonde you need these two products. They’re simple, effective and work. They contain a neutralising pigment that fights yellow and brassy tones but also contain natural proteins that protect against UV damage too. I find they also leave my hair super soft and mega hydrated which is always a winner with super damaged locks. You can leave the shampoo on for up to five minutes to work it’s magic and the conditioner is the same. Although if you’re a mama with no time sometimes I just use them normally and they still tone and freshen. #Obsessed. #Easyonthewallet and totally a couple of products to keep in your ‘post summer blonde hair saving’ tool kit.



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Tell me babez, what toning products do you use on your blonde hair?

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