How I’m Navigating Pregnancy Beauty (With Way Less Anxiety) The Second Time Around

pregnancy beauty

I feel like there are a lot of things you do differently when you’re pregnant the second time around. You’re not as anal, not as anxious (although the prospect of giving birth is still not an angelic dream from the heavens above) BUT if you want to eat a god damn poached egg you eat that god damn poached egg and enjoy it (from a reliable source.)

Seriously though, pregnancy comes with so many rules it’s exhausting. Plus, you’re probably already exhausted from being pregnant so even thinking about all the rules could make you want to take a giant nap.

Which is why the second time around I’m doing things differently. But not too differently I am still team ‘I don’t want my unborn babe to be born with three eyes,’ but I’m way more chilled about the whole ‘NO PARABENS, ONLY GREEN PRODUCTS, WTF ARE PARABENS ANYWAY, NATURAL, ORGANIC, VEGAN!’ thoughts that spontaneously go through one’s head when growing a human.

Or is that just me? HA.

Anyway, the whole point of this is that I feel that being pregnant for a second time feels so much easier. Plus, I am eating poached eggs, using parabens and wearing fragrance – which I crazily abstained from the first time around. And it’s bomb.

However, like everything, there are still a few beauty things I’m definitely not doing while preggo and they are:

Painting my nails (because the formaldehyde), not using any Vitamin A, Retinol, retinoids, retin-A, retinoic acid, Retinol Palmitate, Retinyl Palmitate etc…and switching to AHA’s/ avoiding products with more than 2% salicylic acid/BHA’s (which are made for acne and I never really use anyway.) Also; I’m keeping away from hair removal creams.

But you know what? This time I have had laser hair removal a couple of times (only during my second trimester) which is something that can be on people’s naughty list. It doesn’t affect the baby though, however due to your hormones being all insane in the membrane it could affect your skin’s pigmentation which is generally why people tend to avoid it. Although my doctor said it’s fine and my skin hasn’t reacted weirdly so I’m down with it.

I am also only really rubbing natural lotions and potions all over my belly. And avoiding cleaning the house with any chemicals (which honestly, is mainly because I hate housework with a deep passion and right now being pregnant is the best excuse.)

Anyhoo, all of this second time around pregnancy talk has also made me want to chat about a few products that have been working well with my kinda anal/kinda not anal pregnancy beauty routine too. Please note: I was sent these recently for my growing bump and I thought I’d write up a quick review on a few for you all.

Also note: this post is a collab with Sukin Skincare although as always all opinions are always honest and always my own.

Ps. If you’ve never heard of Sukin before they’re a very affordable natural beauty brand. Free from crap, vegan and very much on team YAY for preggos.

Sukin Body Contouring Crème – $13.95

SO this is a moisturising cream that is said to help reduce the appearance of cellulite (LOL) so I’m rubbing it all over my butt hoping my cellulite will go away (but knowing it won’t). It’s actually just a mid level type of moisturising cream not filled with crap and infused with stevia and mate which make it smell quite sweet. Also part of their superfood range so ingredients such as kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley play their bit in detoxifying too. It’s not too heavy so perfect while the weather warms up.

pregnancy beauty

Sukin Ultra Hydrating Body Oil – $20.95

A super lush and thick body oil that if you run out and buy now will be perfect to finish cold months with. Made with oils like rosehip, marula and jojoba which are super soft and hydrating for your skin, it’s super lush. Only downside is that bottle isn’t very big… (but it’s not that expensive to replace when it runs out.)

Pregnancy Beauty

Sukin Super Greens Cleansing Oil – $13.95

This is a super light first cleanse type of green beauty option for you to try. Aren’t oils amazing for removing makeup! I sometimes use this before I get in the shower to properly cleanse my face. Just soak a cotton pad with the oil and wipe all over – like a natural makeup remover pad.

pregnancy beauty

Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash – $20.95

Now this is my numero uno natural hand wash and it forever graces my bathroom and kitchen sinks. It’s super cheap, super environmentally/green beauty friendly and I even wash my toddler’s stinky hands with it. Plus it’s a fab option to try if you want a green option hand-wash during pregnancy. Or you wash your hands a gazillion and one times a day like moi.

pregnancy beauty

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Tell me babez, did you follow any pregnancy beauty rules?

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