Five Products To Help Fix ‘Mum Face’

Mum face

‘Mum face’. It’ a real condition (and I know if you don’t have kids you wouldn’t really believe it. But it is.) Plus once it appears, like your kids… it doesn’t ever really disappear.

Well at least in my case that’s how it’s gone down. And now? My ‘mum face’ is here to stay. Seriously, ‘mum face’ is pretty much something I battle on the daily. Mainly in the AM’s and PM’s when babies are asleep.

BUT what causes ‘mum face?’

Well ladies, I think it’s the sleep deprivation mainly… although it could also be the constant snacking/eating toddler’s leftovers instead of (or in my case, along with) proper meals and relying heavily on caffeine to maintain your Zen.

However, I do also believe you can blame other emotional (sanity tipping) moments like…UM… dealing with your toddler crying because you cut their banana in half (to HELP THEM EAT IT) when they really wanted to just eat IT AND the banana SKIN attached to it too. You know, I totally believe these (precious) moments can contribute to ‘mum face’ as well. (As can watching Peppa Pig on repeat #sendhelp!)

SO basically, it’s really a combination of things. But the ultimate scientific conclusion comes down to one main fact – that ‘mum face’ exists because of your babies #blessthem.

Anyway, since having a second baby my ‘mum face’ battle has been raging bigger than ever. These days my bathroom is a constant war zone. However, with a few hero products I truly believe you can win the battle…or at least hide the realities of your ‘mum face’ via skincare that actually works. Minus the retinol of course, because if you’re breastfeeding, or pregnant than that skincare hero is a no-go zone for you.

Which is why I wanted to make this product list inclusive. So everyone can try these products instead of having to exclude them while growing more babies or feeding new ones during that first crazy year.

Mamas give up so much already, but these skincare heroes can be used by all! So without further ado, if you too are raging a battle against ‘mum face’, you should totally check out the products below.

Aspect Dr Reservatrol Moisturising Cream – $93.00

Reservatrol is a strong antioxidant that’s derived from grape skin. It’s produced by plants to protect them against environmental stressors and when included in skincare it kind of does the same thing for you. Plus, it’s been proven to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles so if ageing is a concern of yours then reservatrol is the ingredient to be looking for! Anyway, this is a light weight moisturiser suitable for all skin types and can be used both AM and PM so is highly versatile. And when combined with calming agents and selected peptides to strengthen your skin it’s a pretty handy all-rounder to have on hand in the battle against ‘mum face’ – especially following those nights sans sleep!

Mum face

Aspect Dr Active C Serum – $129.00

If you’re currently battling ‘mum face’ and aren’t using a vitamin C serum then ‘mum face’ could possibly win. (So you need to get onto that stat!) Adding a little vitamin C to your skincare routine will provide you with a range of benefits including: evening out your skin tone, lightening and brightening, shielding skin from the visible impacts of pollution, improving hydration and most importantly will help keep your skin looking younger for longer – which is always a bonus. However not all vitamin C products are made the same, so you have to choose wisely. This product contains a unique variety of stabilised vitamin C, plus herbal extracts and antioxidants to help soothe and calm so should suit all skin types. Especially if you’re prone to having reactions to vitamin C products! Also a pH neutral formula and free of any type of harsh ingredients – so if other products haven’t worked for your sensitive skin, totally give this one a go! (Plus, it’s by Aspect Skincare and seriously all of their products are winners.)

Mum face

Alpha H Vitamin B  Serum – $99.00

Vitamin B is a lesser known ingredient in the skincare world, but I swear it helped save my post-baby skin after I gave birth to Javier. (That baby totally left my skin a mess!) Plus, it’s an ingredient that generally suits all skin types – although probably best for peeps raging a battle against premature ageing (or ‘mum face’ HA.) Anyway, Alpha H have a potent vitamin B serum on the market that’ll be your all in one. Mainly because it’s fortified with Niacinamide (vitamin B3) and copper peptides too. Niacinamide can help diminish the appearance of an uneven skin tone while promoting a firmer appearance. While the copper peptides combine copper with amino acids which basically strengthen your skin – kind of like a protein powder for your face. It’s a fab all-rounder type serum and one that will help regenerate your skin’s ability to produce new collagen and hyaluronic acid from within – which I promise will help with ‘mum face’ fo’ sure! You’re also able to use this both morning and night, so handy if you don’t want to buy a whole range of serums and prefer to stick to one.

mum face

Simple Regeneration Age Resisting Day Cream SPF 15 – $18.99

Ok, so I was sent this product a little while ago and for an anti-ageing day cream it’s pretty fab for under $20! I know not everybody likes to spend the big bucks on skincare (however, I totally believe it pays off) so if you’re after something affordable, cruelty free and with an in-built SPF you can use every day, this product works well. Plus, it comes infused with the added benefits of green tea extract, which is a botanical ingredient that can help prevent premature signs of ageing – along with a little sunscreen of course! This prod is for the no-fuss, minimal type of gal/guy.

Mum face

1000 Hour Eyelash and Brow Tint Kit – $18.00

Brows mak-eth the face! And even though this isn’t exactly another serum or moisturiser that can change the way your skin looks and feels I totally believe that when you have a good set of brows, your ‘mum face’ will totally be less noticeable. Plus, fresh brows have the ability to make you look and feel kind of ‘done’ too without really trying. Anyway, this kit is an at home brow tinting kit that is so super easy to use you could probably do it with your eyes closed (although I wouldn’t try HA.) You basically add a couple of drops of the solution to the tint, mix and apply. SO EASY. Chloe Morello has actually done a video tutorial on it too which I’ll link to HERE. And even though it says to apply Vaseline above and below your brows before you tint them…you don’t really need to. One of my GF’s told me she didn’t, so I just took her lead and didn’t either. Unless you’re super unco, it still works a treat! And you can use a little micellar water to rub out any mistakes.

Mum face

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Tell me babez, what are some of your favourite products to battle ‘mum face’ with?

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