Face Mapping: What Your Skin Is Trying To Tell You

Face mapping

Have you ever broken out on your face and thought DIE, WHY TF are you on my face?  Well, I have…and whenever I do break out I naturally start Googling all the humanly possible ways I can get rid of it. Which is pretty much how I stumbled on the concept of face mapping. Plus, my acupuncturist is all about it too and I trust her with everything!

(You see I totally credit her for helping me grow and bring my babies into the world…despite the fact her English is super broken and sometimes I have no idea what we’re talking about.)

Anyway, face mapping is an eastern medicine way a person can see what organ in their body is to blame for their breakouts. Or in an easier way to explain it… it’s how your treatment (or lack thereof) of your body can consequently reflect on your face – LIKE MAGIC.

So basically, when you break out somewhere, like on your chin, you can blame something else like your hormones (instead of the way you accidentally ate half a black of chocolate the other night.)


Anyway, there’s a lot more to it than that. Face mapping has been around for thousands of years, but for the purpose of keeping this short the concept has from then until now remained the same:

where you’re breaking out is a reflection of what’s going on in your body.

So as long as you’re sure that your pimple isn’t something weird like a skin infection, then you could jump on the face mapping bandwagon and tackle your bad skin from the inside out to see how that works? (With a constant and kick a$$ skincare routine of course!)

BUT don’t let me babble on, because to give us the lowdown on why you might be breaking out in certain areas and what you can do to prevent these breakouts one of my fave. holistic skin experts, Zoe Devine, from Skinstitut is giving us the lowdown (and reminding us how to look after our neglected organs) below!

Face mapping


 What it might mean when you break out here: pimples here are usually linked to the digestive system, which may indicate that you’re having a hard time breaking down certain foods. It may also indicate liver weakness (too many toxins), stress, or an irregular sleep schedule.

Prevention: try eating foods that contain digestive enzymes like bromelain (found in pineapple) and papaya to help break down foods. Ensure you’re getting seven-nine hours of sleep each night. If you suspect liver/toxin issues, try some dandelion tea or some extra garlic and onions. Drinking hot water with lemon in the morning may also help.

Between eyebrows

What it might mean when you break out here: This area represents the liver. The liver is working too hard to remove toxins from what is being eaten or from consuming too much alcohol.

For some, high intake of meat or dairy can cause changes here or if you eat foods that you’re sensitive to (allergic to).

Prevention: Increase intake of fruits and vegetable (again dandelion tea or some extra garlic and onions are good). Greasy, fatty foods may be connected to acne here.


What it might mean when you break out here: pollution (unfortunately, the air in our homes can be just as bad, or worse!), smoking, and asthma will damage this part of the skin. Allergies that affect the respiratory system may also be to blame. If you press your cell phone against your skin while talking, germs may also be transferred to your face. Sometimes, acne on your cheeks can also be a symptom of too much sugar in your diet—cut back for a few days and see if that helps.

Prevention: get plenty of exercise, stay away from pollution, and stop smoking. Be sure to drink green vegetable juices (cucumber, celery, and lemon plus whatever dark green leafy vegetable you choose). Green leaves are the lungs of the plant and the planet, so it stands to reason that they are great for our lungs too.


What it might mean when you break out here: can also be linked back to poor digestion.

Lower Lip

What it might mean when you break out here: relates to large intestine (the bowel), dry chapped lips can indicate a weakness in the digestive system.


What it might mean when you break out here: elimination. Eating too much processed and high sugar foods can cause problems in this area. This is also true of caffeine and alcohol consumption. The middle of the chin also relates to the bowel. Blackheads, congestions or redness can indicate a current in balance, IBS.

Prevention: try to maintain a balanced diet and eat plenty of fruits and demulcent fiber (eg. Chia seeds) to improve stomach health.

Jaw and Neck

What it might mean when you break out here: pimples often occur due to of changes in the hormones. In the days before your period, pay extra attention to the skin care. Stress can also exacerbate and increase inflammatory response in this area.

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Tell me babez, what do you think of face mapping? Does any of it resonate with you?

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