Everybody Meet: Eminence Organics (A Green Beauty Lovers Dream Come True)

Eminence organics

Eminence Organics, they’re a brand that have been pioneering organic beauty way before it was cool. I kind of like to think of them as the bowl cut type hair the Beatles rocked, before everybody caught on in the nineties.

Anyway, they’re also a brand I’ve been dying to introduce to you since I started slapping it all over my face.

Eminence Organics is not overly expensive for a green beauty brand either (which our post-Christmas pockets will thank us for.) However, they’re ingredients are still on the high end of things…which our skin will thank us for.

Started back in 1958, it’s a brand originally from Hungary but now sold and (fan girled over) all over the world. Celebrities are a big fans of the brand too, which makes it even more alluring. Like who doesn’t want whatever Cameron Diaz wants to use all over her face (The Facial Recovery Facial Oil – $150.00) or whatever beauty things Kate Upton packs on her holidays (the Eminence Sun Care range.)


Even Dita Von Teese is obsessed and have you seen her beautiful, porcelain skin! However enough with the celebrities! Let’s just say that if you’re into organic skincare and beauty this is a brand to chuck on your radar.

I’ve been playing with a few products from two of their skincare lines and I’ve popped up mini reviews and a little info about them for you below.

The Microgreens Detox Collection

So this is a collection designed to reverse the harmful effects that pollution has on our skin. It’s also the biggest buzz in skincare right now, and one that’s only set to grow. The difference with the Eminence range though is that their products are formulated using potent antioxidants found in microgreens, such as Detoxophane (which is derived from broccoli, radish, clover sprouts and swiss cress sprouts) to fix and clean your skin at a cellular level, as opposed to chemical based ones.

Stone Crop Cleansing Oil – $83.00

A super green cleansing oil that doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy when you use it. Also packed with microgreens, use it as the first step in your two step cleansing routine. It’s one of their best sellers! I found it super hydrating when I used it and it worked well to take my makeup off. So would be amazing if you have dry/sensitive skin and have been searching for something that doesn’t strip your face off!


Lotus Detoxifying Overnight Treatment – $125.00

This is a super lightweight gel cream you pop on top of your serums but under your moisturiser. It’s not overly hydrating so I’ve been really loving it during the summer months, although I wouldn’t rely on it solely for hydration during winter at all. It’s infused with jojoba beads too, which are super fun to pop as you rub the treatment into your skin. And since it’s also infused with a whole range of vitamins and minerals I found it helped me wake up all fresh and dewy – but only in combo with other skincare products. You gotta put in the work. Ps. You can pop it on under moisturiser during the day as well!


The Age Corrective Ultra Range

The products in this range are designed to improve the appearance of puffy tired eyes, sagging skin and help even out deep expression lines. They use firming and lifting natural ingredients such as hibiscus as well as botanical peptides, claiming to deliver results in minutes and long lasting improvements over time.

Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream – $129.00

I’m obsessed with this eye cream for two reasons: 1. for it’s use of caffeine and 2. For the handy roller ball applicator that makes it super easy to apply. (I always find I tend to use too much product otherwise). Anyway, this eye cream is super hydrating and I did find it helped de-puff my tired mum eyes quite quickly. However, it didn’t minimise my dark circles or smooth out my wrinkles straight away as it claimed. However it would be super handy to throw into your handbag or travel with it!

Eminence Organics

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Tell me babez, what’s your favourite green beauty brand?

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