Easter With LUSH (Bcoz It’s As Much About Beauty As It Is About Chocolate)


You guys I know that Easter is all about chocolate BUT it can totally be all about beauty too. LUSH have released some ridiculously kicka$$ beauty goodies and if you haven’t seen them you gotta get onto it quick!

Seriously when these arrived on my doorstep I was blown away. So much fun! Anyway, in the spirit of Easter I thought I’d share with you my five faves. from the current collection.

Quick and to the point – this is what I would buy.

Chocolate Lip Scrub – $10.00

So we all know there are a heap of different lip srcubs out on the market – but how many are natural and totally yum (and safe!) to lick off? Safe and natural-ness is really the reason I love LUSH lip scrubs. Anyway, they’ve released a chocolate one for Easter which I’m obsessed with. Made from sugar I actually find it tastes more like caramel than chocolate – but we really shouldn’t be eating it. HA. It’s just as good as all the others, but a fun new flavour to add to the collection.


Bunch of carrots bubble bar – $13.00 (avail in store)

These are ridiculously cute and my favourite from the whole collection this year. They’re tropical scented carrot bubble bath soaps YUM. I don’t think I could ever use them though because I actually want to keep them.


Chick n Mix Bath Bomb – $11.95

LUSH bath bombs rock the casbah and for Easter they’ve released some colourful ones that are like a few different parts which I think would be super fun to use with kids. The chick n mix bath bomb is a three-part bath bomb that looks like a chicken cross egg thing and when pulled apart there’s an extra tiny egg inside! You could totally even use bit by bit and make it last longer too.


Chocolate Easter Egg Soap – $6.95/100g  

Don’t be fooled by the colour, this soap is white chocolate not dark and it kind of smells like vanilla but with a zesty tang which is perfection in the shower. My husband would totally not be down for chocolate soaps, but this one kind of fools him. Also a good one for the non chocolate lovers out there…you crazy peeps.


Images: LUSH Australia; Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Tell me babez, have you tried anything from this range? Which ones do you love?

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