Breastfeeding Safe Skin Treatments

breastfeeding safe skin treatments

You know there are so many things related to a mama’s post baby life that I never thought about when I was pregnant. Breastfeeding was one of those things. Actually, I don’t think I even looked up anything remotely associated to breastfeeding when I was pregnant because I was too busy meditating and harnessing the “I am woman, hear me roar,” within…. in preparation for the birth.

(PS. Thank you “I am woman, hear me roar,” I would have loved for you to show up that day.)

Anyway, breastfeeding was definitely a subject that I popped into the “I’ll sort that shiz out later” pile…then was just thrown into the deep end of. But that’s ok. I always find that’s the best way to learn.  Breastfeeding also comes with a bunch of things that you still are not allowed  to do (or shouldn’t do).  Kind of like when you’re pregnant…the joy!

Beauty houses a whole range of these things. Skincare treatments do too. (On another note I also found it helpful to cut out chili and garlic from my diet in the early months…my baby did not agree with those delicious ingredients).

Although back to beauty, because despite being extra careful when growing a mini human, once you birth it, if you’re breastfeeding it pays to keep being careful too. BUT HOW?

Well, when sticking to natural, organic pregnancy safe alternatives are your best bet. And when it comes to skin treatments, I thought I’d sit down with Katherine Millar-Shannon from Melbourne Based Thermage and Thermage Eye Clinic Duquessa to give us the low down.

We all know that we should be careful of skincare ingredients while we’re pregnant, although why do we need to consider what we put on our skin while we’re breastfeeding too?

When we use topical products or eat certain foods, the actives can enter our blood which will be delivered to the baby via the placenta, this is also the case with breast milk. Anything that can be ingested or transferred to a baby needs to be considered, which is why it is important to always consult your skincare professional on your beauty regime when either pregnant or breastfeeding. Natural and organic ingredients are usually the safest option during these times, but there are still many other products which can still be used safely.

Should all facial cosmetic procedures be avoided while breastfeeding? Are there any that are deemed safe?

People are always overly-cautious (which is absolutely fine!) but often during pregnancy and while you are breastfeeding is when your skin needs the most help! Hormonal fluctuations wreak havoc, so there are absolutely some treatments which still be administered without issue. Microhydrabrasion is safe and easy procedure, which is suited to almost all skin types. It helps to diminish superficial flaking, built up dead skin, fine lines, acne, blackheads and shallow scars. It also aids the skin’s ability to absorb skin products and increases rejuvenation.

Are any laser treatments safe?

Due to the hormonal activity during pregnancy and breastfeeding we do not recommend any laser treatments as the hormones can alter the results causing issues such as hyperpigmentation or regrowth of the hair.

What about facial injections? (as above)

It’s a definite no-no for Botox or dermal fillers, but we do offer a platelet rich plasma treatment which you can have when breastfeeding (not when pregnant). The treatment actually uses your own plasma to help stimulate collagen.

Is it the actual laser or facial cosmetic procedure itself that we should be concerned about or the numbing/pain killing drugs that go with?

It is a combination of both really – it is just not worth risking. Numbing cream can be fine but it is never 100% guaranteed, so we would still avoid wherever possible to keep both mum and bub safe.

Can you get Botox while you’re breastfeeding?

At Duquessa we do not administer Botox to patients who are breastfeeding. There are many discussions around this topic but even the manufacturers of Botox recommend exercising caution during this time, so my recommendation to any patient would be to avoid the treatment during this time.

Obviously a new mother can breastfeed her baby for up to one – two years which is quite a long time to go without specialised beauty treatments. What alternatives would you recommend during this period?

We absolutely appreciate that this can be a long time for Mums to go without their treatments, but there are still many options and we strongly recommend women focus on their ‘skin health’ during this time. Hydration is key and it is also a really important thing to monitor for the health of both mum and baby. The Microhydrabrasion would be my go to for these women – it gives your skin great results, you feel like you’ve had a deeper treatment than just a standard facial and you can really see the results. It’s also nice for a new mum to pamper herself a little, so a facial still goes a long way when using natural products and ingredients.

If there are any other facial treatments or beauty products for breastfeeding mothers you’d like to women to be aware of please outline them below.

As mentioned previously, it really is about opting for the Microhydrabrasion and investing in monthly facials. These will see results if you consistently treat your skin to these treatments and they are completely safe. To maximise the results of these treatments, it is important to have a strong skincare regime between treatments.

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Tell me babez, was there anything else that surprised you about breastfeeding and beauty?

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