Beauty Review: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo Gentle Radiance

Shu Uemura

It’s not often a product leaves an imprint on my heart as big as the moon. Only on some occasions. And last week when I was sent Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo, Gentle Radiance – $68.00, it did just that. (BUT not before I had a little… ‘SERIOUSLY? Cleansing oil for your hair? What does this mean? Do we need to double cleanse our hair as well as our face now? How much time will this take? OMG I’m tired already just thinking about it!’ moment.)

Anyway, this product is being released to celebrate 50 years of Shu Uemura’s innovative cleansing oil (which if you haven’t tried you should totally get your face onto stat – however I should warn you, it’s a tad expensive…but so worth it if you’re a skincare aficionado! It seriously is the best ever!)

However, let’s get back to the cleansing oil shampoo, because this product is seriously where it’s at!

As a lady with oily roots and super dry ends I was naturally a little hesitant to see how an oil based shampoo worked. And prior to its use my brain had a jumble of questions floating around in it like… ‘Would I use it on its own? What shampoo should I follow it with? Can it be used every time you wash your hair? Would it be ok to eat a whole bowl of potatoes for dinner?’

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the entire pre-shampooing moment was a little confusing/stressful for me. Alas, in the end I bit the bullet and just gave it a go. Because you know what? I’m not sure if there is a ‘correct’ way to use this shampoo but I will describe how I used it for you all and you can use that as a guide… or ignore how I did it completely.

It’s up to you guuuuurlfrens. (And boyfreeeens.)

Anyway, for an extra moisture hit to my super dry ends I’ve been doing this thing lately on the morning’s I plan to wash my hair, where I scoop out a little coconut oil (not much, maybe like a tablespoon) and rub it through my crusty, dry ends. Then I leave it in my hair while I make Javier’s (ten) breakfast(s) and organise his collection of a gazillion trucks ready for a day of play (which normally takes a couple of hours.)

I love this trick, because 1. It’s super easy and convenient and 2. MULTITASKING/saves a lot of time. I used to sleep with coconut oil in my hair too although I found it actually left my hair oilier and was hard to wash out…not to mention all the shiz it left all over my pillow/my husband complaining all the time SO I highly recommend this way now.

Plus, when you’re using a cleansing oil as a shampoo FIRST then you get the ultimate cleansing wash that removes any leftover coconut oil residue and build up! It’s a WIN WIN WIN situation! I seriously don’t know how I’ve lived without this product before.

Anyhoo, after its use I then follow with one of my other shampoos (currently using Kevin Murphy’s Hydrate Me Wash) and conditioner SO in fact the entire process is pretty seamless (if you ignore the whole toddler destroying your house while you’re in the shower bit.)

Shu Uemura

SO, basically I just replaced one of my normal shampoos with the new oil based one and my hair was much softer and fresher than before. I’m not sure if I would use this everyday though (if you’re one of those peeps that washes their hair every day?) However, if you’re only washing your hair a couple or a few times a week then I think this product would be fab. (Plus, that’s all I can really be bothered to do these days. Washing your hair is a mammoth task!)

Also; if you’re worried about the whole oil in your hair thing – don’t be. The secret to this product is in the whole ‘emulsification’ thing. (I.e the mixing of normally un-mixable liquids).

So basically when the fluid oils come into contact with water they actually draw out impurities from the tips of your scalp to the ends of your hair. Like clogging, dirt and pollution – and then they’re all washed away! This is followed by tiny lipids that help penetrate and nourish your strands, so the shampoo is equally as hydrating as it is cleansing. Plus, your scalp’s natural barrier isn’t affected.

The only downfall I see, is the fact that Shu Uemura products are a bit expensive. However  if you’re not the type of person to wash your hair every day then your cost to use ratio will totally be worth it! Also, this product is designed to suit all hair types. My hair type is dry AF and it worked wonders. However there are also anti-dandruff and anti-oil versions in the range, if you’d like to try some other ones/are super specific about what you use.

Anyway, that’s it! Would love to know if you try it! Love you bye xo

The LIMITED EDITION Cleansing Oil Shampoo Gentle Radiance is available from September 2017. To locate your nearest salon, phone 1300 651991 or visit Also available on

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Tell me babez, have you tried cleansing oil your hair? How does the thought of double cleansing your hair make you feel?

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