Arnica, ‘Thanks For Saving my Butt,’ (and a few other end of pregnancy thoughts)


My butt hurts. Like really hurts. My Osteo husband (who never treats me, except when I’m pregnant and falling apart) has diagnosed me with sciatic pain and by the end of each day I literally feel like I could crumble and melt into the floor.

IN FACT, I THINK I would even have to say that this end of pregnancy ‘butt crumbling/melting into the floor feeling,’ is somewhat a little different to the JOY that I’ve experienced for the majority of the time that I’ve been growing my tiny lady. But I guess the last few weeks of pregnancy can do that to you.

(Seriously, please do not talk to me from around 37+ weeks…until the baby arrives. For your sanity, my sanity and for the world.)

Anyway, a lot tends to happen to a woman’s hormones and brain during the third trimester.

And if I was a doctor I would clinically proclaim that: Some days you wake up feeling like you’re living ON ELM STREET, where you’re Freddy Krueger…but like a fat version. But then you have other days where you marvel at your big belly, stroke it, cry and play Enya on repeat thinking #blessed #grateful etc… so yaaaah. I think that’s how best I would describe the ups and downs.

Weirdly though, I always find the third trimester to be the best. (However, I think this is mainly because the end of pregnancy is nigh.)

Also; having already gone through one pregnancy, I know that within a few hours post-birth your body starts to feel like yours again…sure, it also feels like it’s been thrashed by a carnivorous pack of lions, but at least you can breathe at full capacity… y’know, like the good ol’ days.

(When I was pregnant the first time I really did think that I would be stuck feeling like a stubby penguin with no lungs for the rest of my life…which was a scary thought.)

6 days before I pop/my family of 3 becomes 4!

SO in order to NOT to make this blog epically long, I AM actually on the home stretch now. I have like six days to go. My husband and I even have bets on which day I’ll pop, which feels super romantic. And even though some days feel like they’re going in SUPER SLOW MOTION, or someone has managed to PRESS PAUSE on the world, I’m trying to not hate everything/everyone because pregnancy is a gift/blessing etc…and within a week or so I’ll finally get to meet my babe.

Also; ARNICA. It’s saving my butt. I have this tube by Brauer called Arnica Eze Gel – $16.99 which I seriously can’t live without. I thought I lost it the other day and almost cried (but I almost cry at everything these days). It contains Arnica (lol, obvs.) which has traditionally been used in homeopathic medicine for the symptomatic relief of bruising, soft tissue trauma and swelling, usually resulting from training/sporting activities – but I have to say, it works wonders on sciatic pain filled butts as well.

(How about you add that sentence to your packaging Brauer! LOL)


Anyway, it is a crazy gel that I’m obsessed with that helps relieve muscular aches and pains and right now I would straight up leave my husband to be with this gel. Which is why I thought I’d let you all know about it. Especially if you’re pregnant, or you’re an 80 year old geriatric who follows this blog.


Arnica has actually been used for a gazillion years to treat things like arthritis, swelling, bruises and injuries so it’s worth giving a go. However, some studies are a little mixed on the results so if it doesn’t work for you don’t blame me. I just think it’s a good alternative to other forms of pain relief…which you really aren’t allowed to take while pregnant anyway. And it’s really been helping me with all of my body aches and pains which is why I wanted to share.

On a side/end note: I also think I’ve lost the plot. Plus, I currently have a weird urge to vacuum my fridge clean (nesting?) And if someone were to ask me whether I would have a third baby, right now I would straight up say:

“I would MUCH prefer to stab myself in the eye with a blazing hot pitchfork – but thanks for asking.” (Although I might revisit the thought in six months’ time).

So ummmm… yeah I think that’s it you guys! Thanks for listening to my end of pregnancy thoughts. Love you, bye XO

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Tell me babez, how did the last week of pregnancy make you feel?

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