Are You Removing Your Makeup Properly?

Oil cleansing

Are you removing your makeup properly? Like really removing your makeup properly and not just using a face wipe at the end of the day. (Which is sacrilegious and should really be banned.)

You see I was chatting to Emma Hobson, Education Manager for the International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica the other day and she told me that even on the days we aren’t wearing ANY makeup (and honestly, when does that happen) we should still be double cleansing every night.

“You still need to remove invisible pollutants that sit on your skin, your SPF, as well as the skin’s surface oils, dirt and dead skin.”

Whaaaaa?! Double cleansing every day EVEN on those SANS MAKEUP days? Are you doing that? Anyway, we should be. Plus, oil cleansers and balms are the shizzle, so even if it does add an extra five seconds to our skincare routine it’s totally doable.

Of course a cleansing oil is the ultimate way to remove your makeup properly too as it ‘powers through’ to remove even the long wearing stuff like foundation, lipsticks and that stubborn mascara…basically because a cleansing oil works on the principle that ‘like attracts like’- oil attracts oil. But you have to use it.

Because honestly, if you really want to be removing your makeup properly and thus saving your skin in the process, Emma says you should be using a cleansing oil every day – end of story. (No matter your skin type!)

“The oil in a cleansing oil attracts and ‘grabs’ the oil on the skins surface as well as any additional dirt, make-up etc… therefore is the best way to remove your makeup. When you wash off the cleansing oil (which is water soluble) you will thoroughly wash everything else away with it leaving no oily residue on the skin, just clean skin.”

“Plus all skin types can benefit from double cleansing (including oily and acne prone skins) as it aids in skin health. The important things is to ensure you choose the correct cleanser for you.”

Also if you want a ‘professional cleansing experience at home’ Emma adds that using a cleansing oil will ensure your second cleanse with a normal cleanser can work to its full potential – providing just that!

SOOOOO basically that’s why we should all be adding an oil cleanser to our skincare routine.

The end.

JOKES. It’s totally not the end because I have some fun products I want to talk about with you – hang on! Also don’t you want to know what type of oils you should be looking for in an oil cleanser or a balm as well?

“Look for plant based oils such as skin fortifying kukui and apricot kernel oil which deeply nourish the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth,” Emma advises. “Essential oils such as lavender, bitter orange, grapefruit, mandarin orange, lemongrass, lemon ironbark will invigorate the senses and helps deliver the a really fresh, clean skin.”

But what is A BALM? I hear you say. Well, it basically works in the same manner as an oil. They’re just thicker. Actually I’m probably more in love with them at the moment, because I think they grab onto my face a little better – if that makes sense? HA. Emma says “they’re best for drier, sun damaged and more dehydrated skins,” meaning they could be perfect for summer!

Also, I think they could just be a fun new product for you to try. You know change things up, new year, new you etc…So do you guys use oils or balms to remove your makeup? What are some of your faves? I’ve included a few I’m loving below!

Dermalogica Pre Cleanse Balm – $23.00

This balm to oil is my obsession. It comes with the cute cleansing mitt which not only really makes you feel like you’re taking your makeup off – but it actually does. For the price point too – it’s a must try! Promise you’ll fall in love.

Oil cleansing

Cosmedix Purity Solution Nourishing Deep Cleansing Oil – $55.00 (For stockists call 1800 648 851)

I love this because it’s gentle enough to use in the AM – sans makeup. Plus it’s made with a nutrient-rich blend of olive, moringa, kukui, safflower, sesame and argan oils so your skin feels so lush and nourished every single time. Not to mention its ability to dissolve your makeup – without stripping your skin of any moisture. Sold!

Oil cleansing

Alpha H Essential Cleansing Balm – $45.00

This is another newbie cleansing balm (made with essential oils such as sea buckthorn, rosehip and geranium) I can’t get enough of. Mainly because it takes all your makeup off, but also because it doubles as balm that can be used overnight. It’s so gentle and hydrating. Plus it’s a 2 in 1 so more bang for your buck! Soooo if dry or sensitive skin is your prob (or your poor because of Christmas HA) – then this one could be for you.

Oil cleansing


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Tell me babez, what do you use to remove your makeup?

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