A Love Letter To My Boobs


Ok, you guys, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I wanted to do a heartfelt shout out to my boobs. Because they’ve been through a lot with me, I am very grateful for them and love them immensely. Plus, I’ve just finished weaning my baby from my boobs as well. You see, I’ve just spent the last 13.5 months solely breastfeeding and I am done – BOOM. I’m pretty proud.

NOTE: this is my journey. Every mama has her own. You do you. Please, don’t compare your boobs to my boobs.

Anyway, in addition to loving my boobs HARD on Valentine’s Day I always knew that when I finished breastfeeding I would have to write a little something about it. So this post is kind of like a two birds, one stone type of deal. Mostly because breastfeeding was the one aspect of motherhood I never really looked into or thought about much before having a baby and in reality it was one that took up ALL OF MY TIME and really was something I should have researched a little better HA. (Like, learning how to feed your baby is as important as looking for cute tiny clothes – who knew?)

Anyway, let’s make it quick shall we. We all have things to do, places to be etc…

SO when my babe was born, I specifically asked for skin on skin contact and having a natural birth, I got two hours. I let my babe latch on naturally and never forced him. This was something I took away from a movie I watched called Orgasmic Birth (don’t judge) where they spoke about the importance of skin to skin contact and a baby latching on naturally as the best way for the baby to learn to feed. It made sense to me. I have to admit though, that I did push my babe’s little head around in the right direction – two hours is a freakin’ long time. However when the nurses are trying to put your ‘you know what’ back together it’s not like I really had any place to be…sooooo I could deal. Plus I was still in shock after giving birth.

Anyway, I credit doing things the natural way as to my never having any problems with breastfeeding (solely my opinion) – but it worked for me.

(OK, ok I also can’t go on without letting you all know that the movie Orgasmic Birth is wacky, crazy shiz. It is essentially a movie about how great giving birth can be i.e how some women can have orgasms while they do it…now if everyone who has had a baby could just ponder that thought for a minute please that would be great.)

Moving on…

Because if you are pregnant, are thinking about having a baby or are about to visit somebody who has just had a baby who is breastfeeding please be aware:

Newborns feed on the hour every hour, some (like mine) can even feed between 45min-1 hour per feed so when you think about it, essentially, a breastfeeding mum is feeding around the clock. That’s all she’s doing. (Ps. Please bring her food, water, maybe a face mask and some fun things for her to watch, because she will need it.)

Then, once her milk comes in, those leisurely feeds every hour will most likely turn into feeds every two hours. And again, if the feed is a long one, there ain’t much time in between. (Maybe like half hr? – but let me tell you it is better than nothing.) Again, visitors please keep your visit short, if a new mama give you a set time, don’t be late – and bring snacks!

You see, breastfeeding is tough. I can see why a lot of women stop (no judgement – you do you) however if you persevere those feeds will get easier, easier – and shorter! Plus, you can never forget to pack your boobs! That was my favourite bit.

Anyway, in my case after four months, my babe started feeding every three hours and that’s pretty much where he stayed until I started weaning him at around 10 months. The feeds went from taking an hour to 45 mins, to ½ hour, 10 minutes, 5, 3, 2, 1 mins – and GONE.

That’s not to say that I didn’t almost have a breakdown from breastfeeding in the early months. It is intense! Plus, It’s the only thing that a mother can do. A partner doesn’t have your boobs, or your milk. Soooo a crappy night is a seriously crappy night followed by an even crappier day.

Of course though, you can pump in between feeds to produce more milk and teach your baby to take a bottle – which is something I never did. Mostly because I was fortunate enough to have enough milk so I didn’t see why I needed to feel like a cow during my only free time off. And since I work from home I was also with my baby all the time. Still am. He’s my favourite person to hang out with. So there was no need.

Watevs though, I don’t want to make this too long: places to be, people to see etc…so let’s cut it short.

You see, breastfeeding is hard, but it’s also beautiful and very rewarding. I brought my baby into my bed and we nursed and slept together until just recently to make things easier. I always said I would breastfeed until I felt myself, that I was ready and at the beginning I thought I’d be done at six months. LOL. However after that it got SO SO much easier which is when that thought turned into stopping… when I felt like it was the right time for me time to stop.

And at twelve months I knew.

Anyway, I have freakin’ loved it and I have hated it. I have cried. I have LOL’d. My babe and I have bonded in a way that has been so special to us. Breastfeeding never hurt me. I was lucky. I was so scared of getting mastitis but never did (although as I started weaning him I felt like my boobs were about to explode). YES it did feel awkward feeding in public at the beginning, but then I turned into a lioness and didn’t care at all. Everyone close to me has seen snippets of my boobs.

On many occasions I went to work functions, weddings, dinner and lunches…and sat in the bathroom for hours feeding. Eventually I got over it and didn’t care. If I could tell one pregnant lady, or new mama anything is that it gets easier. It will pass. It’s such a beautiful gift feeding your baby, treasure it. It can be sh!t, and some days you’ll wish it’ll end but you’ll look back on it and love your time so hard.

Also; my babe hasn’t had any of my milk for a week and I’m still making it – I don’t know when it will stop. #HELP.

To conclude: I love my boobs. This has been my babe’s and my journey. Every mama has their own special journey. Although I am seriously happy to have my boobs back.


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Tell me babez, did you breastfeed? Love it? Hate it? 

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  • Reply
    September 21, 2017 at 8:33 pm

    I can totally relate with the BF I started wanting to get to 6 months and then haven’t been able to stop. But at 9 months I am starting to wonder about whether I am starting to feel ready…. It is so easy but I am the only one who can feed him, get him to sleep and comfort him. He’s my 3rd and last much awaited for IVF baby so i have realised in this time we have. We also co sleep.

    My question was how did you get your little one weaned? My baba won’t take a bottle but he does drink water from a sippy cup… How did you go about the process?

    • Reply
      September 24, 2017 at 9:49 am

      I just cut down on the day feeds. Kept his night time and morning one then reduced those too. The night one was the last one to go. I would just shorten the feeds by a few mins each time and slowly replaced them with food. Each baby is different though. It’s such a beautiful time, so enjoy it! XX

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